Taking the bull by the horns

Nigel Botterill

Today, for the first time, a new business will be launched and grown in front of a live audience at a London event. Taking place over less than 24 hours, the result of the event will be a fully-functional business that is up and running, selling real product to real people.

Nigel Botterill Founder of Entrepreneur’s Circle  will be heading up the business with around 10 colleagues, in front of some 400 guests.

With the Government focussing on encouraging small business growth via initiatives, including Enterprise Zones and the StartUp Britain Initiative, Nigel and the team presenting them with a working example of how it can be done.

Members of the audience and those online will be directly involved in the action and decision making on the day, whether this is email campaigns, a product videos, Google Adword campaigns, crafting emails, sending voice broadcasts or writing and placing ads – all live.

Nigel commented: ‘Needless to say, we’ve never tried this before, so it’s a huge risk. We could fail and fall flat on our faces, but the aim is to catapult a business from literally nothing to success. In one day.’