Banish missed calls for good

We’ve all been there. Mobile phone in hand, arm stretched aloft, waving frantically at the sky trying to eek signal from the heavens.

While incredibly frustrating for the home user, a lack of signal can prove damaging for businesses.

The improvement in phone technology means that we’re increasingly reliant on smart phones to perform business functions such as email, browsing the internet and making calls. No signal can mean missed calls and lead to missed sales; frequent WiFi outages can mean internet and email downtime.

Fortunately help is at hand in the shape of the Cel-Fi RS2 3G signal booster. The device is currently the UK’s only legal signal booster for the T-Mobile and Orange networks. It works by constantly scanning for signal in an area of up to 13,000 square feet.

The Cel-Fi is true to its maker’s promises. It’s relatively cheap considering the returns, and extremely easy to set up – the plug-and-play design means you can have it up and running in less than five minutes.

The proof of course is in the pudding, and the Cel-Fi didn’t disappoint. We tested it over the course of a working day and found that, on average, most phones had one to two extra bars of signal. It might not sound like much, but when you consider that over 50 mobiles are competing for signal, and then the same amount of laptops are competing for the WiFi, it’s a solid improvement.

The device also noticeably improved battery life, certainly on the smart phones. Most iPhones and HTC’s are dying by 6pm, having had a full charge the night before. This didn’t happen with the Cel-Fi, because it manages the phone’s search for signal – something that would drain the battery if the phone carried out the task.

Whether this proves to be an essential item in the office remains to be seen – it would certainly benefit medium-sized companies with some spare cash and no signal…