Teen’s App Success After Dad’s Facebook Hacking Ordeal

unknown-2A schoolgirl who launched her own password app after her Dad’s Facebook account was hacked is considering a move to Silicon Valley after winning thousands of pounds of investment.

Nina Devani, 14, came up with the idea for Prompt Me Nina after her father Atul fell victim to German internet hackers.

He was forced to change passwords across every website he used after Facebook told him his account had been compromised last summer.

But when Nina realised how difficult it was for her father to remember dozens of new passwords she decided to create her own mobile app to help others with the same problem.

Prompt Me Nina, is an app which allows users to create individual and personalised prompts for all their different passwords.

The teenager, from Luton, came up with the idea and pitched it to internet entrepreneur Suleman Sacranie whom she had met through a school project.

Mr Sacranie, the founder of web based wholesale business 99pwholesaler.com, was so impressed by Nina and her idea that he decided to invest £10,000 of his own cash to develop the app and turn Nina’s dream into reality.