Policing the Net – Why Online Reputation Management is Britain’s New Business Essential

It’s being hailed as the new PR and an innovative solution to a modern problem – the online business and professional service none of us can afford to be without.
In a world where we’re all encouraged to be brands, how on earth do you protect yours?
Are you as aware as you should be of your online profile? Are you really happy with the way you business and employees are represented on the internet?
If not, how do you go about removing unjust or defamatory reviews and content? What’s the best way to promote positive stories and obscure negative ones?
According to British digital pioneers Simon Wadsworth and Caroline Skipsey, one of the most effective ways is by recruiting an online reputation management company to tackle this complex problem for you.
Their firm, Igniyte Ltd, is the first in the UK to offer this kind of specialist service.
Working with professional, business and private clients, they help companies and individuals restore their online reputations and protect them from future attack.
Whether it’s unjustified reviews, libellous or inaccurate content, negative press coverage or old stories being given undue prominence, they can tackle them all – and help you reclaim your Google ‘page one’.
Contact them at www.igniyte.co.uk to find out more about how they could help you.