Meet 100+ global leaders from the finance and real estate sectors in Abu Dhabi

A Swiss Communication and Event Management agency ThinkDesign SA offers you a modern B2B context to meet 100+global leaders away from your office and stressful routine, in one of the wealthiest cities in the world Abu Dhabi.


“Shall I, Intrepreneur, move away from my company and go to Abu Dhabi to meet other global leaders of my sector, spending a week of my time in March and a part of my 2017 budget to purchase a package containing the activities I could find elsewhere?”


  • You are a new type of Intrepreneur looking for the latest trends of B2B opportunities
  • You prefer personal contacts rather than cold phone calls and e-mails
  • Abu Dhabi is renowned for its successful and competitive business travel industry
  • You have new ideas and projects to share with your future partners from other nations
  • You are a strong global leader willing to grow both your personality and business
  • Beginning of March is the right time to launch new projects for a successful result throughout the year
  • One week is the time you need to set up long-term business relationships
  • The cost of our business package will fit in your 2017 budget taking into consideration all the advantages
  • Now it is the right time to fix this opportunity in your business plan
  • The package includes interactive activities for an original business setting: playing golf together or having a drink in an informal atmosphere can bring much better results than a regular conference or a trade show meeting
  • You do not have much time to spend with your family: we offer you the possibility to combine your business and family life “under one roof”
  • Besides, the package gives you a unique chance to meet with one of the most unusual influencers in the global business sphere. His name is Walter Walter Gjergja and he is a Shaolin Master.

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Target audience


A different setting with interactive activities


NO annoying impersonal conferences. Your business meetings become informal and unplanned. You can choose the interactive activity, which best suits you, from our proposals.

You can meet your new business partners in a different setting: playing golf together in Abu Dhabi Golf Club, share an adrenaline experience at the Ferrari World, Safari cruise at Yas Marina Circuit, have an easy chat at the dinner, beach BBQ or in the Irridium Spa.

All in the name of elegance and luxury. All arranged for you to build your international business network in a relaxing atmosphere to stimulate new ideas and initiatives.

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The latest trend of a training program with Walter Gjergja


Walter Gjergja is a Shaolin Master, trainer, adviser, speaker and writer.
Born in Italy but with mixed European origins, studies Kung Fu WuShu (Chinese martial arts) since age 13 and Chan (Shaolin philosophy) since age 18. Disciple of Grand Master Shi De Yang, with traditional ceremony in the Shaolin Temple has been officially nominated secular warrior monk of the 32nd Shaolin generation, monastic name Xing Mi.

He has spent many study stays in Shaolin spanning a period of over 15 years, becoming one of the very few real western Shaolin Sujiadizi Wuseng; Shi Xing Mi has been the protagonist of many magazine and newspaper articles, numerous international events and several television documentaries (BBC, Discovery Channel, Disney XD, Italia1, CCTV).

Author of the book ‘Shaolin: a journey’ and co-author of ‘Gib Nicht Alles, Gib Das Richtige’, Shi Xing Mi has also completed a double major university degree and has taught the Shaolin disciplines in various fields and numerous countries, utilizing his unique eastern and western cultural and professional background.

He has been called by leading organisations and media a “cultural acrobat”, “monk of strategy”, “the master of effectiveness” and “the wellness master.

Do not miss your chance to take part in the program 

Shi Xing Mi teaches in Europe – mostly Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, UK – and in China. Do not miss your chance to take part in the Shi Xing Mi program, which will include the following arguments:

  • Balance and Stress Reduction
  • Leadership and Management
  • Recovery from Illness or Injury

Become a participant  

The cost of the complete package is 3800 GBP.

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