Why flying by private jet charter is the way to grow

Saving time, improving productivity, retaining clients and cutting costs are just some of the advantages of using a private jet charter for your business.

Using a private jet charter for business travel is no longer reserved for the big hitters as many small- to medium-sized businesses are now opting for private jets over public transport.

private jetToday, many businesses are multinational, which means top executives need to be connected with the rest of the world to keep the business on the right path to success. While the head office of your organisation may be in one country, you may have clients, factories or raw materials coming from different parts of the world, and being able to connect with these places easily is imperative. Private jets enable you to travel around the world with ease without all the hassle, hindrance and inefficiencies of travelling by traditional airlines.

Travel faster and save valuable time with a private jet

One of the biggest benefits to traveling privately is the amount of time that is saved, for both executives of the company and third parties that are involved. Reducing the amount of time executives are traveling for is invaluable for any company and private aviation offers a seamless way of doing this.

Instead of having to arrive at the airport hours before your flight is due to take off to go through the rigmarole of security and check-ins, you can arrive just before your flight time. And there’s no wait at the other end either. Gone are the days of queuing up for your bags as you can take them straight off the plane, heading to your next destination in no time at all. Plus, booking a private jet is a whole lot simpler than booking a normal flight, which saves you even more time. All of this together reduces how much time you and your colleagues have to spend during the traveling process, providing you with far more time to be productive before and after you travel.

You’ll also save time when traveling to remote areas as the private jet will be able to land in smaller, more local airports, unlike commercial airlines which will only fly to major airports. And, if you’re traveling to more than one place on the same day, you won’t be restricted by long changeovers as your jet can take you from place to place as and when you need it to. Aviation Fuel Supply companies can ensure that you have a steady supply of fuel to get you to your next destination no matter where you are. This enables you to pack more meetings into one day so you’re back in the office with your staff within a shorter timeframe.

Give your business a professional edge

What could be more impressive than flying your potential clients in by private jet? This helps you to give your business a professional edge, showcasing your dedication to your clients and your success as a business. First-class seats on a commercial airline are surpassed by private jet travel and traveling in this way will be hard for your potential clients to overlook.

When you’re arriving at your next meeting by flying private jet charter or you’re escorting existing/potential clients to your office, this luxurious edge is quite simply unbeatable.

Increase your productivity while flying

Traditional airline flights reduce how much time you can be productive while you’re traveling. Not only are you losing time when you’re checking in, going through security and boarding but you’re also limited as to what you can do while you’re in the air too. Packed into a commercial airline, you’ll find yourself distracted by the noise levels, people moving around the plane and those annoying neighbors who keep trying to talk to you. And, more importantly, there’s also the concern about privacy when opening files or using your laptop on the flight.

Flying by private jet removes these nuisances, providing you with that much-needed time to get your notes written up or your meeting preparations completed. You’ll have quiet surroundings, excellent business facilities and Wi-Fi and the only people you’ll be surrounded by are your colleagues and the airline staff. This will increase your productivity levels to no end, which is something that is incredibly valuable to your business and reiterates the cost-effectiveness of this type of transport.

Overall; hiring a private jet to take you to your business meetings or to bring your clients to you is a valuable commodity in this increasingly competitive world. Not only does it provide you with a lot of cost-effective advantages when it comes to the time saved and the productivity levels increased but it also allows your company to compete with the “big boys”, giving your company that superior edge that cannot fail but to impress your future business partners.

In 2006, Joel Thomas, President of Stratos Jet Charters, recognized that the air charter brokerage industry lacked a focus on consumer advocacy. Thomas believed that this lack of representation for air charter consumers created unnecessary financial and flying risks. With this in mind Thomas established Stratos Jet Charters. Stratos Jets founding vision is to provide an air charter service that educates consumers and helps them to make informed buying decisions.