Five advantages you’ll get from your facilities management service

More and more businesses are outsourcing their back-room tasks and operations so that they can concentrate more on the things they do best – their core business. If you think about it, when you buy a car, or a new laptop, you’re not thinking about how well the manufacturer handles its office refurbishing strategies or its alarm systems, are you? You’re paying for the expertise, the hours of design and the new technology that’s gone into your new product, whether it’s a laptop, a sports car or a brioche bun.

facilities managementBy allowing employees to concentrate on liaising with designers and even handling customer complaints more effectively, the company gets the best out of everyone and leaves the more mundane (but no less important) operations to a dedicated facilities management service.

There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of benefits and advantages to using facilities management teams, but here are the five biggest and most obvious ones:

Companies are freed up to concentrate on their reason-for-being

That core business? It’s the reason employees get up in the morning, it’s the reason for the facilities being used at all. The world’s most successful businesses don’t divert time and energy away from their reason for being. They focus constantly on research and development, customer service, brand recognition and identity and on making their core processes better.

Your facilities management team will be top-notch

Managing facilities is what these teams do – the clue’s in the name… This means that you and your business will be accessing trained, experienced and dedicated people who have worked in several sectors, maybe several continents, and know what’s what. What’s more, they’ve been taught by people with years of experience.

A professional facilities management team won’t interfere with or restrict your day-to-day ops

You might think that you’re saving money by keeping your facilities management in-house, but there are many costs that you could fail to take into account. There’s the staff-hours for current employees engaged on management tasks, the management of information and buying in specialist software, then there’s the costs of accountancy and reviewing legal contracts and so on. Bringing in an outsourced team brings in new eyes, thoughts and experience, but it also lets you take advantage of scales-of-economy that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. That new accounting software? It can be pricy to buy it for yourself, but if it comes as part of your facilities management package…

You can save money by constantly adapting your cost-structure

One money-saving strategy that a facilities partner can bring to you is to implement a variable cost-structure. As global or regional markets vary and fluctuate, your partner will be able to review them and make the right adjustments to your buying and selling structures, as well as to in-house expenses. Having a dedicated team to review and make adjustments means savings in the long-run.

You’ll form a strong relationship with your facilities management team

An experienced, well-qualified team will be able to forge a relationship with your business so that it adapts to your changing needs, scaling up its involvement as you grow and become more competitive. You’ll have someone on your side to help you to stay lean and agile whatever the markets throw at you.