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Careful IT planning helps to make flexible home working a success

With 5 percent of people now working remotely careful IT planning helps to make flexible home working a success.

With technology playing a crucial role for today’s office workers, Waytime Technologies, an IT company based in Surrey, is advising office based companies to have a contingency plan for IT in place, so through holiday times and periods of bad weather and travel disruption their staff can continue to work effectively whether in the office or working remotely.

This working practice is backed up with recent research from Smart Growth Analysis. According to Smart Growth Analysis, 5 percent of the total workforce is now working remotely. For example, in Surrey alone there are 27000 home offices workers. This offers huge flexibility and better quality of life, but throws up extra needs and issues for businesses

“Ensuring that you’ve made plans to manage your IT over holiday periods is always important, and crucial for communication if a proportion of your team work remotely,” said Liz Turner, Director at Waytime. “As always, teams in offices and those logging in remotely are dependent on fully functioning computers and networks, both for communication and productivity, so if key IT support people are away for any reason that poses a risk.”

Waytime works with its clients to deliver tailored and cost effective IT and holiday cover solutions that meet any needs that the clients may have. These solutions range from advice in maintaining and optimising IT infrastructures to ongoing or project-based IT support. Waytime can even be on hand to perform critical IT actions like changing daily server back-up tapes, if required.

“An IT plan that provides critical holiday cover, and states who will be responsible for IT during these times, whether in-house or outsourced, will ensure your business operations are  protected and that staff are connected and equipped to meet your customers’ needs  effectively and seamlessly 24/7,” added Liz Turner.

A good example of this flexible IT support is Waytime’s work with ATP Oil & Gas (UK) Limited where Waytime provides 24/7 continuity for its IT during busy periods, emergencies and holidays. This office is an example of a busy and often pressured environment with managers on call at all hours across different time zones, so users need to rely on systems and databases that operate smoothly around the clock. Waytime works closely with ATP to help maintain the company’s IT infrastructure and ensures staff can access and share data in real-time, securely across multiple locations 24/7 regardless of key staff workloads or holidays.

“With Waytime on board, it feels like we have our own familiar and effective IT Manager in the office and at our disposal 24/7,” said Maggie Older, Administration Manager, ATP Oil & Gas (UK) Limited. “Our dedicated Waytime team member is available to take over rather than just cover when the IT manager is on holiday or called away, ensuring continuity and continued expertise. On those occasions when complex issues have cropped up, Waytime has always stepped in with a temporary solution. Downtime has never been an issue”.