Why every office needs a coffee machine

A relatively inexpensive piece of kit that offers a multitude of advantages, the humble coffee machine is a must in any office.

Mintel research, reported by The Telegraph, shows that they are rapidly gaining popularity in homes, but this article will explore the potential advantages of placing a coffee machine in your workspace, and help you decide which product could best accommodate your needs.

coffee machineBenefits

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a coffee machine in the office is that employees will be encouraged to get a caffeine hit whenever they encounter fatigue. This could result in a more alert and productive group of workers – especially on those sleepy Monday mornings. There are also purported health benefits to daily coffee – just read this Huffington Post article.

This could be achieved with a kettle and pot of coffee, but there are other advantages that make a coffee machine or an office coffee service the preferable option – and not just that workers are likely to spend less time brewing up.

Going the extra mile and investing in a fantastic piece of kit can make your workforce feel valued and appreciated. Simple additions like this can make your office a more exciting place to work, and can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

Also, a slick coffee machine is ideal if you want to impress clients. Giving them a choice of high-quality beverages is far more professional than presenting them with a novelty mug of instant coffee, and will put them in the right frame of mind for conducting business.

Choosing a coffee machine

The number of people using the coffee machine should be a driving factor behind your purchase decision: getting a piece of equipment that is too slow or too small will be impractical, and could be detrimental to productivity levels.

You must also ensure that the machine is easy to use, as this will save time and prevent any workers being deterred from using the machine. You certainly do not want to select a commercial espresso machine that will require barista training. You do however need something robust.

Finally, make sure that the specifications are appropriate with regards to the how you will use the machine. In other words, if you are looking to impress clients, go for a stylish machine with plenty of drink options, or if you have limited space, be on the lookout for a compact design.

Smaller offices could benefit from a high-quality domestic machine with one-touch operation, such as one of these from Denby Dale Coffee. Machines like the Jura Jura XJ5 make two cups at a time for maximal convenience, and boasts bean to cup brewing for that ultimate fresh flavour. Finding a fairtrade coffee supplier is always key to a great cup of coffee and keeps your company ethics at a high standard.

Larger offices require a machine catered towards the commercial market, as these should create drinks at a faster speed. If the machine is purely for staff, a filter coffee machine could be the best option, allowing you to brew multiple cups at a time.

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