How to launch a beauty company

Since childhood, my main goal has been to be successful and the best in whatever I did. Not knowing what my passion was, I always found myself wanting more and seeking challenging job roles, hoping that this would quench my thirst for success.

I learnt quickly that no matter what job I was in, it would never be my passion to progress and help businesses make money for themselves, when I could be following in their footsteps, and having a company of my own one day.

In 2011 I was stuck in, what felt like a dead end job. As it became less challenging day by day, I felt as if I was well and truly in the rat race. I became very stressed about feeling stuck and nowhere to go, as I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I was made redundant in March 2012, and felt even lower. As this now meant I would regularly have to go in the jobcentre, just to get by, until I found a new job.  It was the most degrading experience of my life. With unemployment levels rising and our country still in a recession, my goals seemed unreachable.

My businesses were once just an idea and a few doodling’s on a sheet of paper.  I sat on my ideas for two years as I had no financial backing, until I was advised by a family member to research about Start up Loans.

Start up Loans is a Government scheme spearheaded by successful businessman, James Caan, which helps young entrepreneurs kick- start their business, by helping financially and providing you with a great mentor. With the help of Start up Loans, I have been able to purchase my business stock and design a professional website. I am now ready to climb my way up to the top.

Everyone has a unique talent, ability or quality, which when applied with passion, optimism, drive and persistence, Will enable them to see their dreams flourish.

Top 10 tips on overcoming my struggles and succeeding:

  1. Have a definite aim.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Know your weaknesses.
  4. Be persistent & stay positive.
  5. Except & embrace change.
  6. Learn how to spot opportunities.
  7. Recognise your competition, but only be in competition with yourself.
  8. Do your research thoroughly on your chosen industry and target your market.
  9. Don’t be scared to make mistakes. It’s about how you act and what you learnt from them.
  10. Prioritise your time & be more vigilant with your money.

By Sebrina Langlais 

Secret To Beauty is an online hair and beauty shop , providing a service where our customers can purchase exclusive, affordable, high quality products in a space of a click and then be dispatched within a couple of days. We sell hair care products, hair extensions, hair tools, accessories, nail and lip art, etc.

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