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A new interactive infographic has been launched to educate marketers of the importance of tailoring international content to maximise their global appeal.    

The “How far does your #ContentReach” tool, which has been created by content marketing agency NewsReach allows users to quickly assess how much of the world’s internet users they can reach depending on what language they use for their content.    

With 80% of the world’s online population reachable through just 10 languages, the firm is keen to highlight to market professionals and business owners alike the need to diversify their communications and consumer interactions in order to maximise impact. 

For example, half of the world’s connected consumers can be reached through the use of English (26%) and Chinese (24%). Other languages which comprised the top 10 included; Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean.    

Predictions by CSA Research have suggested that companies could be losing out on $30 trillion worth of sales by failing to localise their website content. The same study claimed that 85% of consumers are more inclined to buy a product when confronted with information in their own language, and 54% say this was more important than the actual price.    

Frank Hartkopf, head of European content at NewsReach, says it has never been more important for those in business to understand their real international marketing potential.  He said: ‘More companies than ever before are using the internet to reach overseas consumers yet the vast majority do not understand just how big a turn off poorly translated content, which is not tailored to the local market, really is.    

‘The world has never been smaller for companies, but what we hope our infographic shows is that it is absolutely essential to ensure your content is not only accurate, but culturally relevant in each of the markets you operate.    

‘The losses due to poor translations are hard to quantify, but we all know from our own experience that poor English translations ruin trust in a brand and often the chance of purchase with it. Instead we are encouraging firms to “transcreate”, building unique, country specific content to maximise familiarity and ultimately sales.’ 

View the interactive infographic here: