The search for James Caan’s next recruitment entrepreneur


In 2013, recruitment expert and former Dragons’ Den star James Caan set out on the search for the “Next Recruitment Entrepreneur” offering an investment of up to £500,000 and the support and mentorship of his successful Venture Capital engine. There was an overwhelming response with 13,000 budding entrepreneurs showing interest from all over the globe, from Southampton to South Africa. The variety of business plans covered everything from Media to Military and from traditional recruitment through to disruptive online models.

James Caan is now accepting applications for the Recruitment Entrepreneur of 2014.

Visit for more information on how to enter. Applications open Monday 3rd February 2014 at 9am and close Friday February 28th 2014 at 5pm.

The first successful applicant of the 2013 initiative was James Downie, with his Oil & Gas business JDi Energy, based in London. Before approaching Hamilton Bradshaw, Downie was a Sales Manager with five years’ experience across the Engineering and Oil & Gas markets globally. Downie successfully set up and grew the Manchester branch of a well-known Recruitment Group, hiring and running a team of 10 contract sales consultants. His sales team had a projected turnover of £6.5 million and £1.3 million gross profit for 2013/14. Downie won the Manchester Young Talent Award for Recruiter of the Year 2012.

Due to the huge success James Caan has had with start-ups, his vision over the next three years is to back an exclusive group of recruitment entrepreneurs across the globe. His motto is “investing in people with passion” and he is dedicated to finding those with the same drive and ambition he had to give them the financial support and mentoring to build something as exciting as his first recruitment company, Alexander Mann, which he launched from scratch, and was sold for £260 million in 2013.

To date, Hamilton Bradshaw has an unparalleled success rate in backing start-up ventures in recruitment. Between 2010 and 2013 James’s six existing start-up ventures turned over a combined total of £125 million and as a result he is always on the lookout for new talent to further that success.

How to submit your business proposition:

Are you:

A successful, experienced recruitment professional with the passion, drive and confidence to strike out alone?

Or have you already started a recruitment business and are looking for the backing and support to grow a team of scale to rival your top competition in the market?

James is interested in hearing from people that meet the following criteria:

– An individual or a team with natural leadership skills and the ability to inspire commitment, passion and drive from others

– No less than 3 years recruitment experience in your team

– A proven track record of effective billing, hiring and managing

– Passionate about their work, with the ambition and ability to build a serious business of real value and scale, not a lifestyle or boutique business

– In 2014 we are focusing our search in London, Manchester and the Midlands.

What James can offer:

– The opportunity to be empowered to run your own recruitment business, control all strategic and operational decisions and create a brand that reflects you and your vision

– The capital needed to build a top class recruitment company

– Being part of an elite group with one of the best track records in recruitment to attract the best talent in the market and the ability to bid for large, corporate clients, PSLs and tenders

– Access to exceptional office facilities

– Recruitment specific admin and back office support so you can focus on growth not process

– Media, marketing and tech support, helping to build or improve a brand and online presence

– Support from financial specialists to help you build your business plan and manage cash flow

– Operational support, guidance and consultation from industry experts

– Advanced training sessions and materials for you and your new employees

– Access to successful CEOs from the James’ portfolio, for shared learning and support
For information and to apply go to 

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