Creating the perfect corporate event in six easy steps


If you’re organising a business or corporate event, you might feel like it’s a mountainous task with a less-than mountainous budget. You don’t know how many people will actually turn up, if you have enough money, or how to actually start the long process of planning. It’s a big job for sure, but here are some handy tips to break down your epic task into manageable chunks.

Hire furniture that says something

Hiring bold furniture that makes a statement tells guests something about your company. Make sure you hire the best you can afford, and make it contemporary so that your company is seen as modern. It shows clients that you care about them and want them to feel special, and if you hire trendy pieces, it demonstrates that you’re in touch with the modern marketplace. Choose a mixture of formal and informal to drive this point home.

Divide your venue into the business end and the chill-out zone

Dividing your venue up into different zones – one for serious shop talk and another for fun and relaxation is a great idea. Many a deal is struck while chatting and enjoying a drink, and people also like the chance to wind-down for a while here and there.

Make sure you have the right location

There’s no point hiring a huge hall or stately home if it’s a small event, as guests will just end up rattling around. There’ll be no buzz and hum to the event and people will feel that it’s a flop, even if more people than you expected turn up. Likewise, cramming too many people into a small space will make everyone feel uncomfortable, so take advice from venues about numbers and don’t “force” the event into the wrong-sized place. You should also remember parking is vital.

Manage your money

You need to get a firm grip on your money. Obviously you’ll be thinking about the actual day, but don’t forget that aside from speakers’ fees and food, you have to pay for invitations and various promotional materials. The venue might charge extra for Wi-Fi and multimedia equipment. Ask for a full breakdown of costs and extras before you book anywhere. You can also see here for catering suppliers, as good food and drink is the most important factor in a successful event.

It’s in the details

Running a corporate event is a really big project, and as such it needs micro-managing. Set down your objectives, including the message you want to convey to clients and visitors, your hoped-for attendance and your sales targets. You also need to think about media coverage. Make a separate mini-plan for each one of these aims, and include everything you need to do to achieve them. Think about what might go wrong and create at least one contingency for if the worst happens. It’s all about detail and risk-management – you don’t want to be caught unprepared and flapping!

Hire a photographer

There’s no point in creating and running this amazing event of there’s no record of it! Get an experienced photographer in to capture the activities and smiles, as he or she will turn those images into promotional gold for the future.

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