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The PMF community continues to set standards for British managers

Representatives of Professional Managers of the Future (PMF) community met with Tech City residents. The panel discussion included the ways in which to increase the UK’s position in the business world by strengthening the skills of management in British companies. All participants agreed on the need to develop corporate standards for personnel and planned further activities in this direction. 

A senior member in the PMF community, Mr Michael Morgue, in addressing the gathering, said: “The Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014, published by the World Economic Forum, revealed that Great Britain came in tenth place. This is a wake-up call that warns us about the fact that the economy of our country has not yet fully recovered.

PMF community meetingWe decided to ensure the support of our neighbours from Tech City to find a solution for it. All we can do in terms of our community is to provide a new level of professionalism for mid-level and top managers. We will not only release professional standards but also support them with educational materials so that everyone ready to change had something to rely on.”

Owners and managers of Tech City companies at the meeting placed emphasis on the importance of professional competencies of top managers. During the discussion, the participants created the following list of relevant skills which many modern managers lack:

  • To forecast the market.
  • To calculate the consequences of decisions.
  • To find a solution to any issue.
  • To be awareness of global events and ability to calculate possible risks.
  • To follow corporate culture and verify it matches global trends.

Concluding the meeting Shane Gleghorn from Taylor Wessing said: “This is not even a complete list of what we expect from our managers when they perform their duties. It is also not possible to make a single ideal portrait of a specialist. The world is not constant and my colleagues and I just want our personnel to understand that. I urge you to change with the world, grow professionally and strive to become a better version of yourselves. The development of personnel helps a business grow after all. That’s why we’re here.”

Such conclusions will turn into an operational plan for the PMF community: in effect, to implement best practices of corporate management and to monitor key trends which will help evaluate the current level of managers on a larger scale. It is also necessary to pay attention to corporate management and the development of professional standards of specialists to strengthen the positions of companies and thus, the position of the UK.