How to make Pinterest work for your business

Social media has been touted as one of the best ways to increase business for eCommerce websites, but how does this actually work?

Facebook and Twitter can be used to advertise products and find new customers but not many people understand how Pinterest can be used to increase your business customer traffic and sales.

Pintrest businessWhen you really look at it, Pinterest is nothing but an image site with minimal content, says Social Media Examiner. In that case, how do you convert visitors who come to Pinterest into paying customers?

Boosting your business with Pinterest

It’s not just about images

Most people make the mistake of assuming that Pinterest is just about high-quality images alone. They could not be more wrong. Yes, Pinterest has images, but it also uses minimal content and links the image to relevant high-quality pages. A look at the Pinterest business page of Middle Sister’s Wines recommends Wishpond. This website has positioned itself as the market leader for wines and the Pinterest page has beautiful images not only about wine, but also about everything related to wine. For example, you can find resources for choosing wine glasses, wine and food pairings, and types of wines. The company has several boards and all of the boards are targeted towards wine-related needs. Customers can find wine recommendations, vintages, and grape information and this makes the Middle Sister’s Wine page very popular on Pinterest. In a way, the company has managed to brand itself as one of the best wine resources online and customers are more than likely to visit the website for their wine and wine-related purchases.

Expanding your customer base

Pinterest has a unique feature called Group Boards. In a group board, related companies or individuals can post images and videos. Due to the larger viewership base, pinners immediately have several people viewing their products or pins. For example, Better Homes and Garden is a very popular home decoration website with a huge viewership base of more than 200,000. Followers are encouraged to pin their projects to the BHG board and these followers are easily assured of more than 200,000 followers or viewers every month. If even a few of these people find your pin attractive, they will visit your website resulting in an immediate hike in customer traffic and business.


Pinterest is all about images, and the Google search engine prefers videos and images. As a result, beautiful images are more likely to land up on the top of search engine results. As a pinner, you have to make sure that the images on your Shopify website are beautiful and interesting enough to get viewership. Please note that just interesting images are not enough. The image should also have minimal text explaining the image. Of course, for this to be effective, you will have to pin consistently. The best way to get results will be to pin high-resolution images at least 10 to 15 times daily all through the day. For the best results, consider pinning images 20 to 25 times daily with a scheduling tool to help you out.

Promote more than products

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can use Pinterest to promote more than products through your account. For example, Cakestyle, a bakery, not only promotes their bakery items but also includes wedding tips for brides on their wedding day, job suggestions for women in the area, and interesting gossip and news through their Pinterest board. This not only increases their viewership but also ensures that their readership base increases.

Promote related products

This may be a little difficult to do in the beginning but it really does work. For example, if you are a clothing website, you can pin products from top designers like Hermes, Chanel and Burberry or build a lookbook using their current fashion lines. Most of the time, large companies will repin your pins and it results in a rebound increase in viewership. For this to work, your pins have to be attractive, colorful and appealing.

Cultivate influencers

Every website has its own influencers that drive public opinion. Following these market leaders will just make sure that you know the current popular opinion about products, markets and companies.

Social media websites work because they are popular, states INC.  Image websites, in particular, are very effective in brand advertising because they are simple and interesting. Take a quick look at YouTube and you immediately realize that images and video win over written content anytime. As a result, Pinterest is popular with consumers, as it shows images that are easier to understand as compared to reading reams of endless text. With the right social media programs, it is possible to convert Pinterest visitors into regular customers for your website. All it takes is a smart social media campaign and a lot of hard work.

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