Recipe for the perfect office


 A 1.125mdesk, a great view from the window and your own Apple computer have been named as just some of the items that make the perfect office.

 The study by experts, quizzed a focus group about the different elements that make the perfect work place.

 The correct amount of space was key, with many respondents saying that sharing a desk with a colleague often made them feel cramped and unproductive.

When quizzed about desk size, the office workers thought that a minimum of 75cm by 150 cm, or 1.125mto be ample.

Respondents wanted a desk to themselves but still within easy chatting distance to colleagues. Additionally, their perfect office chair would be leather, recline and have suitable lumber support.

When it came to technology the vast majority of respondents said they wanted an Apple computer, with many others saying that their perfect office would provide them with their own iPad.

The office would have a high-speed broadband connection and a breakout area with satellite television.

When it came to location, the perfect office would be in The Shard, on a floor at least half way up and have views across the City of London.

One man who took part in the focus group commented: “My perfect office would be paper-free and ultra minimalistic.

“It would have clean desks free from the clutter of different piles of paper and general rubbish.”

A woman added: “The most important thing for me in an office is natural light. The office I am in at the moment is very dark and quite depressing we call it the dungeon.

“My dream office would be high up with many windows to let in as much natural light as possible.”

Another said: “I would give anything for a fantastic view out of my office. At the moment I have the delightful choice of either a car park or a brick wall.”

A spokesman for commented: “We all have in our mind’s eye what our perfect office would look like.

“Different people have different priorities when it comes to the ‘perfect’ office. For some it is about the size of their personal space whilst for others it is about the view or amount of light.

“It was interesting to see that the quality of tech played an important part in the perfect office.

“Although Apple products were a favourite among respondents, the most specified item by far was high speed internet.

“What I can be sure of though is that a good office can make or break a company’s morale.

“If it spacious, light and airy then it will allow creativity and productivity to thrive, if is cramped and dark then employees will feel miserable.”

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