Are you being responsive to her needs?

responsive_smlIf not, I would like to tell you why you should be and how to approach such a delicate thing.

Relax, this isn’t an article about dating, it’s far more exciting than that (well for me anyway).   I would like to take a few precious minutes of your very busy day to discuss the whys and wherefores of responsive websites (don’t stop reading, this could save you a lot of money).

It’s amazing how many businesses that I deal with who have no idea how important it is to have a responsive website (it really is).  OK so what, I hear you ask, is a responsive website?  Well it’s not one which smiles at you when you click it but one which flexes to fit any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) in such a way that you can read and use properly without having to zoom in, which is most annoying!

Of course, I know that these things cost money and that the web seems to be changing so fast that you feel like you will never catch up, however, if I were to tell you that in our recent email lead generation campaigns, around 70% of all opens were on a mobile devices would that change your view?

It’s a fact that more and more people are reading and responding to emails and researching companies on their phone or tablet which means that if your site does not work well on such devices, you could be wasting money and losing a lot of business.


Don’t panic, this is easily fixed.  First, get some professional advice from a web technology specialist. This is where most people fail because they go to some chap they know who designs websites and they end up being sold another site which is just as bad! It’s amazing how expensive going cheap can be.  Many designers simply publish templates rather than understand how they should be constructed.

A professional web technologist will be able to fully test your site against W3C (global standard for website design) standards and provide you with a strategy best suited to your needs and budget. Personally, we do not charge for this service so if you go to the right provider, you should not have to pay to get this done.

The solution needn’t necessarily mean a complete website re-design, although this may be advised as part of the strategy long term. It could be that you simply need a responsive landing page (somewhere for people to go when they click on your lead generation emails to capture lead information) to allow you to start seeing better results on your click throughs. Alternatively, it may be possible to make some adjustments to your existing website which will improve the situation.

Whatever you do, think of her needs and, you never know, she might just click on your site. Central London’s premier technology specialist RMIS Group, are opening their doors to London businesses wishing to have their website reviewed. They will provide a detailed report and strategy completely free of charge (and they won’t bug you afterwards). So feel free to pop in to our office in International House, Yarmouth Pl, Mayfair or call us on 0207 458 4088 and let us help you keep her happy.

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