Locate your business in Warwickshire

Located at the centre of England, Warwickshire is the ideal location for your business.

Bringing together talented local people, excellent commercial premises and an exceptional mix of organisations across key sectors, there is no better choice than to Invest in Warwickshire.

WarwickshireWarwickshire is home to over 26,000 organisations covering a variety of sectors, including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, including companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce as well as an extensive supply chain
  • Digital Media & Gaming, such as Codemasters and SEGA, being within one of the UK’s largest clusters known as ‘Silicon Spa’
  • Intelligent Mobility including organisations such as MIRA being at the forefront of research in this sector
  • Low Carbon Vehicles, with organisations including Ricardo and BMW leading the sector locally.

Invest in Warwickshire

Invest in Warwickshire, part of Warwickshire County Council’s economic development function, generates and acts upon inward investment enquiries from businesses all over the world and expansion enquiries from thriving local companies. The team can provide all the help that your company needs for a successful move.

How we can help you

To join the other successful businesses who already call our county home, take advantage of our free and confidential services, which include:

  • Access to our comprehensive commercial property database
  • Excellent local intelligence, from demographics to sector analysis
  • Introductions to local networks and organisations
  • Helping your employees with information about local housing, schooling and leisure opportunities across the county.

In the last five years, Invest in Warwickshire has assisted over 2,000 companies with their search for commercial premises, resulting in over 200 successful relocations and over 1,000 new jobs being created.

We host a wide range of sites, premises and business parks – the county has something to suit every business. Get in touch today to discuss your business relocation requirements.

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