Content calendars create better SEO content

As soon as you begin treading the blogging waters, some kind of content calendars will become immediately obvious and almost completely necessary. Not only can daily posting be time consuming and annoying, especially when you are not able to be at the computer each day to manage the posts, but updating your content regularly for your readers will ensure a lively blog that has a continuously growing visitor count.

Unfortunately the dilemma about content calendars can lead any blogger to spend hours of time online searching for the right content calendar that is most effective for their blog.

While this is not an easy question to answer, we hope to shed a bit of insight and help lead you to the most effective schedule for your blog. To maximize your potential and drive more traffic to your site with content calendars.

Content is king

The main ideology behind anefficacious blog is that reader friendly content that engages the right visitors is present at all times. Additionally, having SEO optimized articles will radically expand your rankings for certain keywords, thus exponentially increasing your website’s organic traffic.

Unfortunately, high quality content gets put on the back burner at times for posts that are SEO optimized only. This poorly written yet well-optimized content leads to a high bounce rate – meaning that visitors will quickly leave your site as soon as they arrive. No matter what content calendar you have, if you fail to post engaging and optimized content, it will all be moot.

What works best?

Now that you have a better understanding of what types of posts are essential, then finding a schedule that works best for your needs is relatively simple. If you are writing your own content, then posting several times a day on each blog may be too taxing for you. Additionally those who are hiring writers may not have as high of a budget to allow for multiple daily posts. Find what number of daily posts works best for your budget and time allowance!

Is more actually better?

Some webmasters are under the impression that a single daily post per blog is the most effective strategy. Others may have a content marketing calendar set up so it is just a few times a week. Opposite that, some bloggers post around two times a day every day! So what is the most effective content calendar? The most effective content calendar is the one that allows you to post the highest quality content each day.

The more SEO optimized and engaging content you have, the faster your visitor count will grow and the more optimized your site will be. Additionally, those who are subscribed to your site will get frequent alerts about posts, making it more likely they will return and browse through your new content.


An effective content calendar will vary from webmaster to webmaster, and, while more posts is the best way to maximize your growth, some bloggers get thousands of daily visitors on just a few posts a week. Understand what you can handle. If, at first, you don’t have the budget or time allowance for multiple posts, then focus on high quality content and make it a future goal for your blog. For experienced bloggers, feel free to let us know what content calendar works best for your site!

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