Leveraging your social media following saves ad money

Sitting at your computer talking to your friends, following colleagues or even spreading the great news of your business is awesome by all means; what tends to question the brevity of this activity is how you’ll feed your family if no sales are coming your way. 

Fear not, my fearless social media mavens and bored Tweeters; there is hope for all of us when it comes to setting up social media advertising campaigns for little to no cost while keeping your conversations with your following succinctly on-point.

social media followingUnderstanding that you have many direct methods of saving money incrementally on advertising at your disposal will help to arm you with potent marketing tools you can use to rake in leads which turn nearly immediately into sales. Let’s commence in showing you some plausible methods of leveraging your social followers to help decrease the amount spent on advertising.

Approach those you follow

If you look towards the following you have on popular social media sites, most of them will be a business entrepreneur of sorts who are looking to push a similar product or service that you are offering; have you thought of approaching them to ask if you can assist their marketing efforts? Fear not; many people don’t believe that this idea is conceivable since many start-ups and smaller entrepreneurs are cash-strapped.

I’ve personally watched people make a part-time living simply from asking those they follow to maintain Facebook pages, Tweet product offerings, keep discussions on Linked In current or even write articles for their business. You are both doing them justice in pushing their business while making money off your friends’ business ventures. A total win-win for everyone across the board.

Direct company contact

Never fear contacting companies directly, such as Proctor & Gamble or Adobe, and ask them if you can freelance for them using your social media accounts. Offer to sponsor their featured products for a percentage of sales, Tweet something they give you or ask you to conceive for their product, write articles pertaining to tips, or anything else you can offer them. Sure, you could potentially strike out immediately; we’ve noticed many people who do get short yet lucrative gigs in this manner, however. Start scouring your Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter verified account following.

Sponsor your own contest

You have friends, acquaintances or even business connections that follow you; no matter how large or small this group is, engaging them with something fun could potentially make you some serious money. Host a contest on your site that guides them to perform some useful duty for the chance at prizes or something else reasonable for their time. Use your awesome Tweeting or wall posting skills to guide them towards your site or contest, work on developing internal link structures to push your organic rankings and you’ll get your lead captured.

Social media and infographics

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular since people are attracted to oddities, facts and nifty pictures. Capitalize on this new wave of advertising by offering your followers your graphical abilities in exchange for cash. These graphics can range from a few dollars all the way into the hundreds – occasionally thousands. You may also offer to simply write the content for people’s infographics as well; well-written articles are a hot commodity in society today which can benefit those who follow you or vice versa.

Wrapping up

Instead of following others around social media wondering when you’ll make your first few bucks, make your own statement by saving your precious advertising dollars simply by being active on Twitter, Facebook or whichever social platform you prefer. This, of course, can also help your company build brand awareness and make some cool contacts, too.

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