The worst office colleague traits revealed

Harmony is the key to any successful business, but are these bad traits putting your workers at each others throats?

bad workerSo what makes the perfect team and which office colleague personality types – in the eyes of the nation – have a less positive effect on the internal workings of organisations throughout the UK?

Flexioffices has carried out a fun, tongue-in-cheek nationwide survey of over 1,500 people to find out just that. Which office personality do people in the UK dislike working with the most? The results are in:

Number 1 – ‘The Office Know-it-all’

With 35% of the public vote, ‘The Office ‘Know-it-all’ is officially the most disliked office personality type in the UK. The ‘Know it All’ particularly irks people nearing retirement age and workers from Wales. If you work alongside either of those demographics, it might be time to change your behaviour… and fast!

Number 2 – ‘The Office Slacker’

No-one likes a lazy colleague, most notably Londoners, who rank ‘The Office Slacker’ as the personality type they dislike working with the most. With 32% of the votes, here’s a message for work-shy individuals across the nation – it’s either time to change your attitude, or cross London off your ‘ideal places to work’ list.

Number 3 – ‘The Office Suck-up’

Guilty of laughing at every joke the boss makes, ‘The Office Suck-up’ received 17% of the overall votes, with the good people of the North East and Scotland particularly unimpressed with colleagues who try to worm their way to the top.

To discover the full list of most disliked office personality types, head over to the Flexioffices blog where you can also take the Flexioffices quiz to find out your own personality type.

We recommend taking your results with a pinch of salt, as we are aware that no one truly falls into any one category and a healthy mix of behaviours is what makes the world go around.

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