Dream office wish list for SMEs revealed

A luxury coffee maker, massaging chairs and Apple computers have made it into the top ten items most wished for in a dream office, according to a new survey.

Experts at office search site, asked more than 500 workers what top of the range items would make it into their dream workspace. A luxury coffee maker was the number one choice, with almost nine in ten, 87%, saying that a barista standard device would be a must.

A similarly large 82% of workers said that their dream office would include massaging chairs to help relieve some of their workplace stress.

A tech-savvy  76%, believed top of the range Apple computers would be an essential part of their perfect office.

In fourth place came individual and personalised parking spaces with more than two thirds, 68%, of respondents saying this would be a must.

Just making it into the top five was a snack vending machine. More than half, 56%, believed the ability to get sweet treats on demand was integral to the perfect office.

In sixth and seventh places came excellent air conditioning and a breakout zone with beanbags, with 54% and 48% respectively saying they were necessary.

More than four in ten, 43%, said that plants were an essential part of their perfect office whereas a similar number, 41%, said the same about a wine and beer fridge.

Rounding up the list in tenth place were individual foots spas. Almost a third, 32%, admitted they couldn’t imagine their dream office without one.

One man who took part in the poll said: “I’ve got a very clear image in my head of what my perfect office will look like.

“It will have the top of the range tech, the comfiest chairs on the market and a fully stocked beer fridge, for Friday after work obviously.”

One woman commented, “A top of the range coffee maker is an essential for me. I absolutely can’t stand instant coffee, but that is all they seem to serve at my office. I work hard at my job, and all I get to help me last through the day is a disappointing mug of hot brown water.”

A spokesperson from commented, “We all know what our perfect office would look like and contain. It is really interesting to see which features made the top ten, it just goes to show how highly workers prioritise good coffee. It is always a good idea for employers to incorporate some creature comforts in an office, as a happy staff are often a more productive staff.”


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