Introducing knowings document management and collaborative platform solutions

Euro Accounting Ltd, an accountancy and business advice practice in Birmingham, is proud to introduce Knowings EDM and Collaborative Platforms solutions.

Like most organisations, Euro Accounting Ltd was suffering from time spent filing, retrieving and sharing numerous documents, and from the cost of printing and mailing them to clients and third parties. As they were looking for a solution to solve these issues, they came across the Knowings solution, and, after adopting the EDM Pack themselves, they thought it may also be beneficial to other companies across the UK.

Knowings EDM handles the issues usually associated with the management of documents within an organisation. It provides a platform to organise, share and archive digital documents as well as to support the flow of information either in-house or externally.


Unequalled Technology

Knowings EDM is based on an innovative vision of information structure and classification, close to human logic, which revolutionises computer systems where documents are traditionally stored following a windows type tree structure (c:\folder\directory\sub-directory\file). With Knowings, when a document is stored, it is “encapsulated” with tags and labels (called facets) which describe the document type and the nature of its content. This results in a new paradigm by which users no longer have to wonder “Where has this document been filed?” but instead all they need to think about is “What is the document about?” and, thanks to intuitive keyword based search engines, the document can be found in only a couple of clicks.

All types of documents can be stored in Knowings, be it office documents, emails, faxes or any document produced by other software packages. Each document type can be associated with an automatic import feature which will store documents in the right place and link the relevant tags and keywords to them so that they can be easily found thereafter.

When you need to be working on a document, the online edit function will retrieve and open it in its native application while locking it to others but still allowing them to view it. Once saved back in the EDM Pack, it will unlock itself automatically. Versions are controlled and draft versions or unpublished versions can be created. Any activity on a document is traced and can be displayed when the document is previewed.


Collaboration Centre

Each user of the EDM Pack has an electronic document in-tray used to exchange and share documents with no need for emails.

When a document is loaded on Knowings, or its status changed, an email is sent to notify the user that the document is available.

Knowings EDM Pack has an integrated internet server allowing authorised external users to log on to their own workspace and securely access documents.

External users can also deposit documents in Knowings EDM via their “in-tray”.

Access rights are dependent on profiles and documents will either be accessible or not and be visible or remain hidden depending on your pre-defined role.


Increased Productivity and Savings

Experience has shown that users of the Knowings system have greatly increased productivity within their organisation.

Because Knowings does not just automate document storage but also drastically reduces the time spent searching for and retrieving documents, to then file them again, it generates constant time savings during the life a document. Thanks to its documents sharing features, Knowings reduces time spent writing and sending emails or letters which would normally be necessary when issuing documents out, either internally or externally.

Over 200 hours per user per year can potentially be saved.

By electronically processing documents within the organisation, Knowings will also contribute to reducing printing and photocopying costs. Experience has shown that a reduction of up to 30% in the first year can be achieved.

This, combined with significant savings on postage and less physical storage space required, will achieve a very short term Return on Investment of the Knowings EDM solution.

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