How to go from the small guy to the big guy

When you start out in business you may often look at the big guys and wonder however you’ll compete. But they also started as the little guy at one time. So how can you make the transition from small company to a big guy behemoth of industry?

So, you are wondering how to successfully transform from the unknown ‘little’ guy to the infamous ‘big’ guy aye? Perhaps you are thinking of applying for that promotion advertised at your office? Maybe you’re the newbie at your workplace and are looking to earn respect from your co-workers? Or do you want to advance your business and become a threat to the competition?

big guy vs little guyWhatever your business motives, in order to flourishingly change from the small guy into the big guy, you need to boast a workplace professionalism, a can-do attitude and a taste for your industry.

Adapt the following business tips into your daily working life and reap the rewards:

Define what you want

Know your goals, know your limits and exceed them all. You should be able to describe what you want and be able to share those ideas with people in a way they understand.

Quality not quantity

Remember that activity does not mean results. Performance should positively impact your business. Go above and beyond meeting targets by shriving to exceed all expectations.

Be daring and take risks

No matter your industry, when certain situations occur you should take the necessary actions to solve the problem at hand. Taking risks shows initiative which immediately separates you from the pack and your competition.

Learn from mistakes

Taking full ownership of your mistakes demonstrates real professionalism. Career-ending mistakes – such as crashing a system or being accused of harassment – is part of being a leader. People don’t mind seeing mistakes as long as the one responsible learns from their inaccuracy.

Never give up

In school, we are taught that in order to be moved forward we must acquire the skills required. In work you will not be moved forward unless you show initiative. As a result you should never quit and master the tasks at hand.

Fight for your beliefs

Throughout your career, you will stumble across the odd disagreement due to conflict of opinion. When this occurs you need to fight for your beliefs. Calmly explain your opinion and listen to theirs. No matter whether you’re right or wrong, you will be respected more than if you remained quiet.

Attitude over experience

There is too much emphasis put on the word ‘experience’. A person boasting a strong attitude to get things done triumphs over years of experience. After all, experience can be taught, attitude cannot.

Master how to be flexible

You may not land your dream job today or tomorrow, but by learning how to be adaptable you will become the ideal candidate for your industry. Comfort with ambiguity is the most sought after quantity by recruitment. Being able to adapt shows you are a quick learner who wants to advance their skills and career.

Welcome feedback

All feedback, good or bad, should be taken into consideration. View criticism as growth-minded feedback that will allow you to make the changes necessary to improve yourself.

Discipline for order

Every influencer has a passion for work, a determination to see project through to completion and a desire to be apart of the company’s growth. Foster this discipline for direction and you will succeed.

Dawn writes for alldayPA, a telephone answering service offering businesses a bespoke call handling service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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