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Printing personal documents at work costs UK private-sector businesses at least £40 million each year, according to

Printer_109653458Total UK private sector cost is at least £40,083,508.77
● 79% of surveyed employees in the UK admit to using the printer at work for personal use – equating to approximately four in five workers (1)
● Average office worker prints 25 sheets a day (2)
● Research found that of the 79% who admitted to printing personal documents, 9% said that they do this at least once a day (3)
● 15% admit using the office printer to print off their CV for job hunting (4)

The true figure is estimated to be greater, with the research not taking into consideration those employees that may print more than one personal document a day, and also those employees that don’t admit to doing personal printing at work.

The research serves to represent the lack of control that many businesses have with regards to printing, with 69% of organisations admitting that they don’t know how much printing actually costs them. Ink and toner costs are said to be the hardest to measure by 39% of companies. (5)

It also highlights the amount of waste businesses produce through unnecessary printing. Around two thirds of all printing is wasted, with 19% of this attributed to simply printing one sided instead of duplex. (2)

Gary Flynn, Managing Director of, believes that these statistics show just how much money appears to be spent without many CEOs and managers realising it.

“The amount spent on personal printing is simply staggering. Printing alone is something that many organisations have difficulty keeping control of in terms of expenditure. But the news that a minimum of £40 million is being spent on employees printing their personal documents at work is something that will come as a shock to many business owners.”

“Some employees might not see the problem with printing the odd personal document at work, whether it’s because they’ve not got access to a printer at home or because it’s more convenient. However, the cost of that soon adds up! And as there is no business value to this expense, it really is money wasted.”

These figures are concerning, but there are steps businesses like yours can take to reduce the amount you spend on printing.

Personal printing is just one area of needless ink/toner and paper wastage. Being a bit greener, such as printing on both sides of the page every time, and investing in the latest printer technology and managed print solutions are just some of the measures that businesses can take to reduce their personal printing and other types of printer wastage.

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