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What are some apps that are perfect for businesspeople? We explore Top10 Hotels and EasyBiz on Talk Business.

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Price: FREE

Compatibility: iOS

The gist: Travelling can be strenuous at the best of times and finding the perfect hotel often feels like an impossible chore. Enter Top10 Hotels. The app makes choosing accommodation in an unfamiliar city easier by allowing you to search for the kind of hotel you’d like (boutique, budget, business, luxury, etc.) in any city in the world , and then produces a personalised top 10 list. With star ratings, guest reviews and a guest score, you can’t go wrong. Not just great for business excursions, get away from the hustle and bustle of working life by letting the app find your perfect room at the perfect price with live deals from the top hotel booking companies.As an added bonus, it also provides a ‘trending’ category, which uncovers hotels that are popular on social networks.

Downloadable from: www.


Price: FREE

Compatibility: iOS

The gist: Don’t mess around with multiple receipts at the end of the month anymore, trying to work out how many miles you’ve done and at what cost, in order to claim back your expenses. Winner of the 2014 Best Mobile App Award for Best Mobile App User Interface (2014 Best Mobile App Awards), EasyBiz allows you to set the price of your fuel, your miles to the gallon, and then at the push of a button it tracks your route via GPS, from start to finish, as you drive. Once you’re done, it calculates how much your journey cost. You can then see your total fuel expenses for the month and even export that data directly to your boss or accounts department, so there’s no room for disputes or errors.

 Downloadable from: iTunes store

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