Three amazing tips for buying a business van

More and more people are choosing to invest money in to a van these days. With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, both new and old, there are a few tips that you should consider before taking the plunge.

Don’t be tempted be high mileage used vans

Transit vans are famed for their endurance, most of which total well over 100,000 miles. What makes them so fantastic is the price. They are a lot cheaper to buy and insure than newer models, and are perfect if you are only using the van for local use.

Sadly though, if you are using it for business it may not be the best option. Consider the idea of it breaking down on the way to a job or the impression a tatty van gives to potential customers. If you really can’t afford a new van, make sure you find out why they are selling it and whether it’s from a hire van fleet.

Get the most out of your insurance

The van insurance market is a lot less competitive than with car insurance. Make sure you try your luck at haggling, which should help to get the best out of your quote. Putting a telephone number and logo on the side of a van can also help if using it for business purposes.

Check price comparison sites for companies like More Than van insurance aiming to get quotes and confirming these straight away – remember, prices fluctuate all the time. Add fittings to your van – racks and shelves can shave off 5% off your premium. Maximise your existing no claims – in other words, see if you’re allowed to transfer your existing no claims on your car.


Check what security features the van comes with beforehand. The idea of getting a brand new shiny van with great acceleration and in-built speakers might sound great, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure it will be safe when left out over night.

Little things such as a pre-fitted immobiliser can not only scare of thieves, but also shred pounds of your insurance policy.It can also save you from any insurance scams – the Daily Mail helped discover the shocking reason behind why our insurance is so expensive nowadays.






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