What does your office desk say about you?


The neat freak, the spreader and the sticky note addict have been named as just three of the seven types of office desk personalities, new research has found.

Industry leaders,, quizzed a focus group about the different features of their colleagues’ workspaces and what it said about their personality.

Researchers discovered these personalities could be categorised into seven distinct groups, which included the organised chaos, the hoarder and the home away from home.

They also found that many people need certain things on their desk in order to concentrate or feel more relaxed at work.

A spokesperson from said: “For most, their desk is a small haven in the office where they can inject their personality into the workplace.

“But numerous sticky notes and growing piles of paper can say more than you might think about you and your colleagues.

“While your desk may seem like your own space, desk habits can influence how you conduct yourself with co-workers and can become annoying.

“We also found that officer workers can be extremely territorial around their desk and don’t like it if someone changes something on it.”

Here are the seven types of desk personalities, according to

  1. The Neat Freak 

With everything arranged at perpendicular angles to one another, the neat freak’s desk is the image of perfection.

Looking like something out an office-wholesalers catalogue, this worker’s environment shows they are highly organised but also quite uptight.

Whilst it may seem alien to some, neat freaks work best when everything around them is tidy. So just leave them to it and whatever you do, do not touch anything. Ever.

  1. The Spreader

With an over-spilling in-tray, water bottles and screwed up balls of paper, the spreader’s desk probably edges closer to yours than you’d like.

Their disarray is so large that it warrants having its own postcode but despite this erratic appearance, the spreader does have some logic.

Spreaders are visual thinkers and work best by having all of their work out in front of them instead of hiding in computer files.

  1. The Sticky Note Addict

The sticky note addict’s desk is a rainbow of neon, with every inch covered in sticky notes.

This habit will also sneak outside of their desk and creep over to yours; with a Post-It stuck cheerfully atop of every piece of paper they give you.

Sticky notes invoke a sense of urgency and productivity as well as acting as helpful reminders.

So while this worker may not be the greenest member of staff, they will be reliable and efficient.

  1. The Novelty Ninny 

Not the desk you want to be next to. The novelty ninny loves animal-shaped stationary, humorous mugs and mini table-top snooker.

Easily distracted, this worker is up for a laugh but it might be hard to take them seriously in a professional environment. But they are a dream to buy Secret Santa gifts for.

  1. The Organised Chaos

Not to be mixed-up with the neat freak, the organised chaos desk is a teetering mountain of notes.

Despite its messiness, ask the desk owner for something and they will pluck it from the chaos seamlessly.

Untidy desks can demonstrate creative thinkers and problem solvers. Just don’t expect them to spontaneously clean the staff kitchen.

  1. The Hoarder

 From mugs to old files, the hoarder’s desk is also cluttered, but not in a useful way.

They will print out and hold onto old documents for no reason other than for “their own records.”

Beware hoarders that are living in the past, they may be holding onto a grudge and trying to catch you out.

  1. The Home away from Home  

Because their desk includes pot plants and numerous photos of the family, the home away from home desk gives this worker a softer, more approachable feel.

By having their family on show, the workers with these desks wear their hearts on their sleeves.

They are caring, family orientated and refreshingly honest people in the workplace who don’t keep secrets.



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