How should enterprise approach IT security?

Information in business is incredibly important. With the advent of the Internet, businesses are more vulnerable to data security breaches than ever before.

One of the problems for the IT security market is how many of the provided solutions target specific problems of security. As they are so specific, with specific areas of expertise, they are often not networked correctly, leaving gaps in the defence, which are easily exploitable.

So, how can businesses tackle this problem?

There needs to be a service that aligns all parts of security, creating a well-rounded defence against any threats encountered. Dell’s approach to security is based on the complete defence formula, integrating security into one simple, efficient and connected solution. With Dell’s experts on hand to help, businesses can focus their security concerns into this solution with piece of mind.

Elliot Lewis, chief security architect at Dell Software says: “It would be hard to estimate just how much productivity is lost, and how much innovation is stifled, due to poorly designed security products and protocols. It’s just bad business. It’s bad business because it costs more than it has to. It’s bad business because you’re not protected as well as you should be. And it’s bad business because it restricts the very capabilities that information technology was designed to enable.”

Dell approaches business security through three fundamental ideas: protect, comply and enable. The company provides this in a way that is connected, giving a business the total security experience in a secure, easy-to-use and inexpensive way.

The most basic requirement of any IT security solution is to protect. The usual method for organisations is to buy a firewall solution, intrusion detection software, identity management, antivirus and more, try to follow some best practices, and keep all the software up to date. However with the changing nature of security issues this is not always enough.

Dell trains its employees on easy-to-use procedures to flag up any issues and, partnered with Vertafore, provider of cloud insurance software solutions, monitor these issues. Any potential threats are then cross-referenced against a database, to work out what action needs to take place.

Jon Ramsey, chief technology officer, Dell SecureWorks says: “Customers don’t care if your company was compliant. All they care about is whether their data was stolen.”

This can be a problem in business as employees are likely to have their own devices that they use for all their personal and business needs; these devices can be a security risk. To meet and exceed demands of using personal devices for work purposes, Dell incorporates the Dell Data Protection | Encryption solution into its security networks. This is a simple, easy-to-use data encryption solution that spans multiple devices across a distributed workforce without sacrificing speed or agility.

For decades, IT security has been viewed as an inhibitor of business agility. But when done right, security can enable a business. With a Dell One Identity and Access Management Solution access to the system is easy for all users, whether it be employees or outside users, without compromising the security.

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