Captain Call Dare Challenge

Many of us at some point in our lives have had to endure a dull conference call or a boring meeting. Pioneer Business Systems has set out to make those days a little bit brighter with an interactive game exclusively for office workers.

call dare

The Captain Call Dare Challenge generates over 80 random phrases, buzzwords and challenges to fit in a phone call without your recipient noticing. The more phrases you fit in, the more points you will get. Once the call has ended you can let your colleague in on the joke and see if they can beat your score with a new player. With a very tongue-in-cheek approach, the game also gives you the option to challenge them via email and continue the cycle.

We’ve all been there when someone tries to work a catchy phrase into a conversation, whether it be “push the boat out”, “pull out all the stops” or “let’s try a synergistic approach”. The interactive game will keep you smiling and, if you’re daring enough, give you bragging rights around your office.

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