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How does a person turn a business with one client into a business with too many clients (if there can ever really be such a thing as too much work)? For the uninitiated it can look almost like a miracle. But those who have done it know that it all boils down to one thing: marketing. No, scratch that. It all boils down to good marketing. What are some of the techniques that work the best? Here are just a few examples.

  1. Hold a local meet up/workshop

You know that you can drive new leads to your business when you get people to listen to your message and pitch but when you’re online it’s hard because there are so many distractions and whole lot of competition. Additionally, it’s hard to connect with someone when you only know them through an email address or a social media handle.

Go out of your way and consider holding local meetups and workshops for interested parties.

You can put these together through a number of sites:


Even if you have just a few people show it’s still a great experience to really get to know your audience. You will also be surprised at what they can bring to the table in terms of business connections and feedback on your work. A great experience at a meetup/workshop can have those people flocking to their websites and social feeds to praise what you’ve done which is easy marketing.

  1. Pass out the swag

Swag (no, not the term used by children) is basically free and branded items that you’d hand out at conventions, meetups, and other events to make sure people remember your brand. These items can be anything from pens to mouse pads or stickers to t-shirts.

Right now the current “rage” in the swag business is branded promotional flash drives. Surprisingly, these are actually very inexpensive and remain very valuable to professionals on the go. The flash drives work because everyone could use them in their business for backup. When you have your logo on the flash drive and they’re using it all the time it’s pretty hard for them to forget you when it’s sticking out the side of their computer.

You can buy these flash drives wholesale which comes out to be just a few dollars each.

  1. Leverage the authority interviews

Another trend for entrepreneurs these days is that they are getting their starts and really taking off because of their associations. Your associations, aka who you work with, really do matter because people are far more likely to do business with you if they see a recognizable authority or brand attached to yours.

The easiest way to increase your authority and market your business is by interviewing these individuals that hold a lot of weight in the industry.

The process goes like this:

  1.  Start following the individual to really get to know who they are
  2.  Respond to their social updates and website content
  3.  Email them requesting an interview (they’ll almost always take it for the publicity)
  4.  Ask the hard questions that your audience wants answered
  5.  Publish and have the person help promote the work

An interview is even better if you do it via video that way people can see both faces, hear voices, and really feel the emotional tone of the interview which creates empathy. A great interview can put your business on the map because their audience will come to you.


Whether you’re operating off a shoestring budget or if you have enough funds to really ramp up the advertising/marketing – finding ways to market your business for cheap it always beneficial because it allows you to keep more of the profits.

Here are some additional resources you may want to check out:

What other ways have you found to work for marketing your business (that wasn’t expensive)?