Run Christmas day like your business

Christmas day can be a tough time for anyone, what with time-management issues and the inevitable complaints. So why not run your Christmas day like you do your business? Our very own Dominic Lill brings you some advice and tips to get you through the day unscathed and make sure everything goes to plan

Task 1: The turkey

Turkey truck_234573373Turkeys can be very expensive, you should view them as an investment which needs to be nurtured and drawn out to gain maximum profit. First pick an excellent recipe and chose the best chef in the house to cook it for the perfect Christmas dinner. But a Turkey is not just for Christmas day, it can be your meal for days to come, cold meat salads, turkey sandwiches and turkey curries. If you are savvy your turkey can last you until New Year’s day! You can save money on food for the whole week!

Task 2: The presents

Arguments can be a staple of the Christmas day experience, ‘why have they got more presents than me?’ ‘Why are theirs bigger?’ This is an easy to avoid situation if, like in the office all children (and adults) are separated, unaware of each other’s new hoard of toys, games and clothes. The use of office partitions are a useful tool on Christmas day, that are not to be underestimated in keeping the peace on Christmas day.

Task 3: Family visits

Family on Christmas day can be an overwhelming experience, the constant stream of grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, not to mention their children maybe even the odd cousin or two. So, send them an email informing them of the time, dress code and expected gift, stagnate the meetings throughout the day ensuring an even stream of guests at more manageable times.

So there you have it – you’re all set for a magical festive day! We hope this guide helps you through the manic day that is Christmas, but if all else fails, at least you can sleep easy in the knowledge you won’t have to tackle it again for another year! From everyone here at Talk Business, have a very Merry Christmas!

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