The Call to Action: Best Business Practice for 2015

The world of business ownership is constantly changing, thanks to both technological advancement and external, economic shifts. These factors regularly shift the boundaries of best business practices, from the way in which businesses manufacture products to how they are marketed and sold to consumers. While techniques and outlooks may change, however, there are some concepts that remain fundamental to long-term business success and customer engagement and have been done since the dawn of time.

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Take the ‘call to action’ (CTA), for example, through business businesses look to solicit direct action from individual consumers. More specifically, a CTA can be any technique, icon, or promotional offer that physically strives to convert unique visitors into paying customers. This is a long-standing business practice, and also one that has been changed considerably by technological innovation and evolution.  This has created a host of real-time CTA concepts, which aim to optimise sales conversion rates among specific demographics within a predetermined time frame.

With 2015 now underway, the majority of CTA techniques are focused online. One of the best examples is the use of prominent icons on mobile websites, which are visually engaging and direct motivated consumers to a specific product, information or subscription page. Another popular technique is to prioritise the creation of high-quality blog posts, which look to inform readers or encourage them to interact with a particular brand while also using creative CTAs as a way of continuing this burgeoning relationship.

Another central example can be drawn from the online gaming market, where virtual casinos have developed considerable expertise in breaking down misconceptions, conquering new markets and converting visitors in paying participants. As outlets such as Titanbet casino prove, the primary tactic is to entice new customers with extremely generous welcome packages and sign-up offers, alongside accompanying bonuses and specific amounts of free gameplay. This helps to lay the foundations of trust between gamers and branded casinos, which in turn inspire loyalty and longer-term unions.

While the advent of the Internet and online communication tools may have made it possible for brands to develop real-time, impactful and measurable CTAs, the purpose of these techniques remains unchanged. Their aim is ultimately to solicit direct action from the consumer, whether this is a financial transaction, a long-term subscription or a commitment to discover more about the brand.

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