Video is vital in the marketing mix

With the rise and rise of social media, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, video has become the single most influential tool in modern marketing.

As it gets progressively more challenging to grab and then hold the attention of consumers it is increasingly seen as the delivery method that gets results, and there is a very simple reason why: video marketing works.

video marketingOn average a computer user will watch a video for two whole minutes before clicking away, and with tablet or iPad users this goes up to a whopping five minutes. So your potential customers are certainly watching video, and according to the latest market research findings over half of them are watching product videos before they buy. And it’s not just your average Joe that is browsing the web for product videos. In an article by Forbes, six out of ten company execs admitted they preferred watching a product video to reading a promotional article.

With video you are able to show off your product or service in a fraction of the time you can with text. With quick, engaging delivery you can entice your customers into finding your website, giving you the opportunity to bring them into your marketing environment and make that all important sale. Nearly a quarter of people will visit a website if it has a video advert they have seen somewhere else.

Statistics show that customers are much more inclined to buy something if they have just viewed a video about the product or service and they are much more likely to buy the product if they have seen it in action. Not only that – videos are something customers and shoppers like to share with their friends via Facebook and other social communication channels so they are the perfect way to engage people with your brand, helping you share your personality whilst showing off your product or service.

You and your business are much more likely to make it on to the first page of Google if you have video content on your website and with YouTube now the second biggest search engine (second only to Google) video marketing will greatly improve your online visibility, so isn’t it important that you start taking advantage of this?

So, how do you grab your audiences’ attention in this competitive market place? Well, businesses perception of online video marketing does need to change. Most clients think of a single video delivering a single promotional message, but that’s not quite how it works in reality. Increasingly marketing professionals are waking up to the fact that a sustained campaign of quality videos is required, with good VSEO and targeted distribution. With nearly half of customers sharing videos on social media you even have the chance of your marketing going viral.

There are now multiple platforms for displaying your video marketing so make sure you use this to your advantage and make sure your target audience is watching by planning exactly where your video will be viewed and on what devices. Some platforms have further advantages – a YouTube channel can even earn an income through ad revenue and if your video is properly tagged, your business could even find entirely new customers outside of your existing network.

Video is the perfect way of engaging with your customers and increasing sales, and it doesn’t have to be expensive – so what’s stopping you? – Award winning video since 2002.

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