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Review: NutriBullet

Now kitchen tech isn’t normally fodder for a business gadget review, but so in love am I with my bit of kit, that I just had to share. And I’ve wanted to do so for a while now. Also, it’s very important to stay healthy at work as well as at home, and this here gadget is ideal.


PRICE: £99.99


The NutriBullet is not a juicer, like so many folk are getting excited about currently. Nor is it a blender. It’s described as a superfood nutrition extractor. I’m not a complete fan of said description, but the important points they’re trying to make are; 1) you’re not throwing out pulp every time you prepare a juice, thus losing out on a lot of fibre, which is required for good bowel health, and 2) you’re not blitzing all the goodness out of your smoothie due to a typical blender’s powerful motor-generating heat. Instead, it helps to break down the seeds, stems and skins of the whole food to help you get at as much of the nutrients as possible.

The NutriBullet:

  • pulverises fruit and vegetables,
  • comes with 600-watt motor capable of high-torque power,
  • has a patented blade design for milling as well as extracting,
  • uses cyclonic action,
  • is very easy to keep clean and is dishwasher safe,
  • comes in 12/14 pieces (including 2 lip rings, 2/3 cups and re-sealable, stay-fresh lids).

It’s light enough to make it reasonably portable, meaning you can shove it into a rucksack and take it into work. It’s a bit noisy, but a decent smoothie can be yours in less than a minute.

Now, despite its strong sell on maintaining high nutrient levels within your concoctions, one of the biggest selling points for me is how easy maintenance is.


With my juicer, chucking the pulp and cleaning out all the various components led to me being ‘over’ juicing reasonably quickly. The NutriBullet has one speed and requires a simple push-and-twist action to get it going, and when you’re done you can get away with a quick rinse of the cup and base. That’s all. It’s a revelation!

It has made preparing healthy drinks a whole lot less mess (dare I say, almost fun?), and I now run the risk of attempting to live on just a liquid diet. This, however, is not recommended – even though I’d be getting all my nutrients – as it’s good to chew if you can.

The NutriBullet is more than capable of replacing your current mixer and blender, as it does a better job than these two appliances combined. I find it perfect for mixing up protein shakes as well. It’s good for healthy drinks for kids,

keep-fit fanatics, and, most importantly, anyone who says they’re ‘too busy to stop and cook a meal’. Shoving a large handful of raw fruit and veg into one of the supplied cups and then taking it to work with me has made my life easier, and I spend less time ‘Hank Marvin’. There’s no combination of fruit and/or veg, milk, water or juice, nuts, or seeds, you can’t throw in. Your only limit is your tastebuds.


Its portability, power, and price make it a worthy adversary for some of the more well-known and expensive blenders and mixers out there – and it looks the business too.