Top tips for starting an online store

Why the time is ripe to start the online shop you’ve always dreamed of having.

The online space is rapidly growing and every year you do not invest in an online store you are falling behind your competition.

online storeBusiness is booming

Recent figures have shown shoppers in the UK spent £91 billion online in 2013, meaning that internet retailing expanded by 16% over the year, according to research by retail association IMRG. These numbers are expected to continue rising over the next five years, as more and more internet users switch to online shopping.

When considering setting up your own online shop, it’s important to know the current trends and buzzwords of today, such as researching the best business ideas of 2015. Whether you’re selling T-shirts, handmade jewellery or fruit & vegetables, it’s good to know and understand what words shoppers are searching for with regards to products, e.g. ‘vintage T-shirt designs’, ‘organic fruits’ or ‘homemade necklaces’. Becoming familiar with Google Adwords is a huge advantage too, as this tool will show you the search volume for particular words or phrases.

An accommodating schedule

Selling online essentially means that your store is open 24/7 – all year round. With the internet accessible almost everywhere, you can work and sell online and make your schedule work around you. The best part is, web hosting companies make it incredibly easy for users to create and build an online shop. If you’ve got a great idea and determination, then these hosts ensure simplicity and ease when tackling seemingly difficult areas like design and layout.

Depending on your goals of course, it’s important to set your sights accordingly. Are you a stay-at-home parent looking for a side-venture to fill your day? Or are you a teenager fresh out of school, wanting to make this your full-time project? No matter your age or situation, giving your online store the time and effort it requires will be half the battle won.

Something you’re 100% behind

If cutbacks and redundancy are words that fill you with fear, and the idea of being simply another cog in the office machine is something you loathe, then the thought of becoming your own boss is a consideration that may give you complete fulfilment. The feeling of achieving something entirely made by you, can be both euphoric and irreplaceable.

So be headstrong and motivated, but be open to criticism and advice as well. Don’t reach for too much too soon, as it will take time and effort. Yet in the words of Alexander The Great: Fortune favours the bold..

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