Business cards: The top facts you need to know

Whether it is the choice of monochrome or colour, how they’re received in different countries, or the number of sales can be expected to increase through their use, business cards are a way of life in most cultures.

From different sizes to styles, you would think that business cards were generally the same all over the world. This is not the case.

Business cards are not only used to pass on information easily, they are also a little card to showcase what your business stands for. There is a lot to be found in the design of a business card. If you don’t invest in your business card design it might give the impression that you don’t care about what you look like to other businesses. As we have found out, first impressions are everything in business, and if the first impression is through your business card you need to give something with some weight to give the impression of strength and stability.

This is particularly important in China and Japan, they perform a ritual in handing over their business cards. Both hands are needed to show respect for considering your business. Business cards are so important in Japan that almost everyone has one on hand from when they leave school.

The UK, USA and Australia are similar in that there is no real ritual to handing over a business card. They are used for both business and personal interactions as a way to pass on information rather than a formal introduction.

South Africa is somewhere in between the two, you have to pass over your business card with your right hand. Then upon receiving the card you need to stow it away in a proper business card holder rather than just putting it in your pocket.

That’s why X Print owner, Barry Robinson, has put together this fantastic infographic detailing the ins and outs of business cards etiquette and facts across the globe.

XPrint Business Cards Infographic

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