4 million businesses still rely on paper documents to monitor sickness

A new study has revealed that 81% of UK businesses are still relying on paper-based systems to monitor sickness levels, equivalent to over four million businesses.

sicknessThe research, conducted by aCloud TeamSeer, part of Access Group (Access), who specialise in online absence management, found that 67% of sickness and holiday goes unregistered as a result of the paper filing process.

When questioned further, 66% of businesses felt a paper-based system was not an accurate system for measuring sickness levels, with 84% prioritising accurate sickness monitoring in 2015.

Due to this, aCloud TeamSeer, is calling for UK businesses to abandon their paper based systems in 2015 and use accurate digital software to help them reduce financial wastage and improve productivity.

Joshua Gilbertson, Head of aCloud at Access, says, “It is staggering to see that over four million businesses are still using paper documents to monitor sickness and holiday. We’re calling for UK businesses to abandon their paper systems in favour of digital software. HR departments can play a key role in helping their organisation reduce costs by having the right tools in place to track and measure absence.”

“Digital HR systems become invaluable when they allow organisations to make smart decisions about resourcing and productivity. It is these decisions that will improve the bottom line and give businesses a competitive edge.”

aCloud TeamSeer part of Access Group’s SaaS portfolio, is a cloud-based holiday and absence management application with over 100,000 users world wide, including New York Stock Exchange, Bechtel, Publicis, Charles Tyrwhitt and King’s College London.

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