Eggshell or bone background? Ebony type, or perhaps biscuit? For the boring business card designer, the possibilities are endless – and 2015 is the year for taking your business cards to the next level.

When creating a successful business card design – originality, personality, concept and colour are crucial to a memorable card. Here are some examples of designs that successfully avoid the bland “elegance” of the classic business card.

Business card word

Attitude and colour
Business cards don’t always have top be super serious. The more personal and creative, the better. Try and express your brand personality through your business card design. It will act as the first impression for many of your future customers, so it is best to set the tone early in the relationship. The card on the right ditches parallel text positioning for a more playful angle and adds eye-catching paint splashes to make it jump, without getting in the way of the important information.

business webA concept that isn’t just “business card”
Just like a logo or website, a business card allows for an original, overarching concept (beyond simply placing text in rows and columns). The card on the left has a recognizable software or web feel – the information is placed in search box fields, below a row of square icons. This simple yet creative design looks great and provides your potential audience with all of the information needed.

business cardElegant minimalism
The two sided card keeps things extremely simple but adds the flare of a sleek, black-yellow contrast. Also, note the inverse pattern placement: on the front, a faint pattern adorns the yellow box; on the back, this pattern adds texture to the black body.

Talking about square – what about using special formats
Business cards provide endless opportunities for self expression. What keeps us from looking beyond the 84mm x 55mm border of a classic business card? Square business cards can be a welcome alternative.

The elegant business card is one of the best ways to raise the bar and communicate a luxury brand to your target audience. This format gives just enough space to put down all the basic information without making it look to swamped.

Two sidesbusinesscard double
Don’t forget: business cards are double sided. Use this opportunity to your advantage! The card above, for example, utilizes its two-sidedness in an unusual way. Breaking up the business’ name is not only intriguing but allows for larger lettering as well as a striking amount of empty space – an effect that could not have happened with a horizontal orientation.

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