Why do advanced economies need start-up entrepreneurs?


Entrepreneurs have always been touted consistently as the key to a successful economy. Developed and underdeveloped nations need businesses and start-ups, especially during times of economic unrest. Some of the world’s most advanced economies depend on entrepreneurialism.


Why are entrepreneurs important to an economy?

Advanced economies recognise the importance of innovation in helping an economy grow and thrive.

Entrepreneurs can create solutions that can improve the standard of living for the citizens of a country. They are a critical engine for economic wealth. In producing jobs, business owners give consumers what they need to spend, which is what advanced economies like the USA and UK need in order to fund their social programs. Entrepreneurs help generate wealth by increasing the national income and they can wield their social capital to bring about social change. They’re critical to reducing the need for older, inefficient technologies by replacing them with evolved, advanced systems. They also know how to protect their interest by securing professional indemnity insurance in case of unexpected legal problems so that their business can go on to achieve greater heights.

Simple innovations can create additional time for leisure, innovation and productivity. Entrepreneurs can produce a change on another level in inspiring community development. Modern-day business leaders like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are now as famous for their philanthropy as they are for their entrepreneurial acumen. And it’s not just Americans who have inspired others to do more: the UK has a long history of inspirational entrepreneurs who have gone from rags to riches and driven real change in their native country and abroad.

How do entrepreneurs help shape the economy?

Entrpreneurship is the engine of economic growth in America. Visionaries introduce ideas capable of changing the world and capital invested in these ventures ultimately affects the company’s ability to succeed. Entrepreneurs are credited with inspiring the Industrial Revolution. Constant innovation has transformed the economy to a society reliant on technology and information.

The economy also relies on innovation for job growth. People are able to invest in real estate, other ventures and spend during periods of growth. Professionals are able to move from job to job, which is good for the economy.

While it is estimated that approximately 90 million people are out of work, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important to reducing unemployment. Start-ups play a role in advanced economies. When economies flourish, much of the growth and success can be attributed to the vitality of companies. Entrepreneurship is the only way to attract new money to an economy and elevate the quality of life for citizens.

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