Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge revealed at the MWC

Samsung has unveiled its latest two handsets ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge.

This comes after Samsung lost market share to giants apple when its former handset, the Galaxy S5, sold fewer units compared to the previous S4 in many countries.

The new Galaxy S6 range has been designed to have a more luxurious and premium feel compared to the Galaxy S5.


The tech giant has revealed its intentions to correct any past wrongdoings and has branded the devices ‘Project Zero’ leading us to believe a complete rethink was needed.

The Galaxy S6 Edge, is unique and appropriately named due to its sloping on the long sides of the handset. The combination of high-quality materials and style means this handset stands out in a very good way.

The front and back of both handsets are constructed of Gorilla Glass, however, the Edge offers an array of new colours such as Blue Topaz and Green Emerald.

The S6 is a huge step up in style, however, here at Talk Business, we think the S6 edge will set the consumer’s pulse racing!

Check out the images below (Courtesy of Samsung) and lets us know what you think. Full phone features here


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