Why using cycle to work scheme may be a great strategy

In the UK new initiatives have made it easier for employees to purchase a bicycle. Indeed, employees can save approximately 35 to 50% on the purchase of a bike and’s cycling equipment up to the value of £1000.

Cycle2Work is great for staff using it. However, employers should not discount the corporate benefits that they can achieve by encouraging a healthier workforce too. The cycle to work scheme isn’t only about the employees!

cycle to work schemeIn this piece will take a look at some of the main reasons that adopting a cycle to work scheme in your business could be a very worthwhile strategy.

Productivity and staff benefits

It is much researched that fitter employees can lead to fewer sick days and better performance at work. In addition, employees turn up to work in a more positive and sharper frame of mind when they commute by bike, rather than suffering the daily stress of London traffic. Research studies demonstrate that employees that take exercise before work can perform better on cognitive tasks, as well as displaying persistent better mood state profiles.

Reduce parking problems

Parking a bicycle takes up less space than parking a car. By encouraging cycle commutes amongst your employees you can take back some of your parking space. This can reduce the pressure on the car park, and even provide spaces for clients to visit you, where previously your car park was full. This can improve the image of your company, making you appear in control and client friendly.

An eco-friendly image

The green revolution is continuing pace. We have recently seen Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, posing in a JCB to enhance the ‘green’ power of the cycling superhighways being constructed at the moment. Green is not just great for the environment, it is in vogue and has social clout too.

Employers that take a proactive approach to green issues are seen in a more positive light than those that don’t. By encouraging your employees to cycle to work you will be actively pursuing a green company policy. You can blog about it on your website. You can even get some news coverage through a press release. Additionally, people just notice when there are lots of bikes outside your corporate headquarters.

Saving not spending money

By providing bikes to you employees through this scheme you will save money through secondary class National Insurance contributions. Because the scheme is totally free for employers, with no charges, you can actually improve your bottom line by rolling this out.

Companies that can help with admin

Whenever there is something new to be done in a company the first thought is how much it cost to implement. This has been demonstrated by the new government NEST pension scheme of auto enrolment. Many companies have been massively worried about not just their contributions, but also the administrative requirements to run the scheme. There are companies that can take care of the admin side ofyour cycle work scheme for you, meaning little to no input from your staff.

A competitive edge in business comes from getting the most out of your employees. Any scheme that can improve staff morale, improve cognitive performance, improve stamina, energy levels and mood, and save a company money in the process, has to be a good idea.

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