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An honest representation of a Discovery Day: TaxAssist Accountants

Are you thinking about investing in a franchise but you aren’t even sure of the first place to start? Many franchisors hold discovery days but what really is a Discovery day? A heavy sales pitch? Asked to sign on the line there and then?

We look at what actually is a discovery day in line with the British Franchise Association Guidelines, what information should you receive, how a TaxAssist Discovery Day works and what to do after the event.

Discovery Day: TaxAssist AccountantsDiscovery Day?

Discovery Days are designed to allow the prospect and franchisor to meet face to face. For the prospect it is a chance to take a good look around the franchisor’s headquarters and to meet the people who’ll be supporting them should they join the franchisors network. For the franchisor it is a chance to meet their potential franchisee and to show them what a great opportunity is on offer. A Discovery Day can either be held in a group or 1-2-1.

What should you expect?

Franchise candidates shouldn’t expect to discover anything negative, if you knew you were having company at your home on a particular day, you’d make sure your house was in order. Prospects should remember that most discovery days are primarily designed to impress them and to allow them to get to know the franchisors business model. At TaxAssist we are honest, open and transparent and believe you shouldn’t take our word for it but speak to our existing franchisees. We inform all our prospects that after attending a discovery day you should call or visit our other franchisees in your surrounding area to get a real feel for the business from the people that are really in the business and have been through the franchisors recruitment process and are now part of their network.

What happens at a Tax Assist Discovery day?

All our prospects have to attend a Discovery Day as you will either have to have a face to face meeting or attend another franchisors Discovery day before they will consider your application, it’s a great opportunity for the prospective franchisee to meet the franchisor to see if the prospect is right for the franchise and the franchise right for the prospect. A TaxAssist Discovery Day is a non-pressured, informative and free of charge event, you should not pay to attend a Discovery Day, this is your chance to find out about the business model and franchise offering not too pay up front fees.

Top topics for discussion and all the things you would find on a TaxAssist Discovery Day are:

  • Franchisor History
  • What’s do you receive for your franchise fee
  • The Franchisors Network
  • Plans for growth
  • Find out about awards the franchisor may have received
  • The support the franchisor will provide to make your business a success
  • Bank funding and business plans (we also bring in a Relationship Manager from a top bank to discuss funding with you)
  • How to market and develop your business successfully
  • And anything else you would like to know! (We are here to provide you with fact not fiction)

And at the end of the day on a TaxAssist Discovery Day you will have the opportunity to have a one to one so you are able to ask us any questions personal to you about the franchise in private, and to discuss your next steps if you wished to find out more about joining us. Like other franchisors we are always on hand for follow up with questions and queries. Our mission is to give you the information and facts and let you go away and do things in your own time. We have had franchisees join us 3 weeks after a Discovery Day and up to 10 years after they attended the Discovery Day, the time has to be right for you with no pressure.

We recognise that investing in a franchise is a big decision, not just for you but also for your family, you are welcome to bring a guest with you when you visit us, whether it be a business partner or a family member, that way they can learn first-hand about us and of course to meet us to.

If you are interested in building an asset for your future and finding out more about the TaxAssist Business Model please contact the TaxAssist Recruitment Team on 01603 611811.

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