Can company culture affect customer experience?

How your company operates can affect your customer service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re communicating with customers via mobile SMS from GlobalMessaging or speaking to them face-to-face, they will pick up on your company culture.

shutterstock_198375440With so much competition out there between businesses, it’s not always easy to compete on price and product/service offering so one area where businesses are looking to be the best is with their customer service.

A positive company culture

Above all, your company should have a positive working environment. A customer can hear in a customer service rep’s tone if he or she is unhappy with where they work. This could be down to long hours, bad management or clashes with other staff members. Before you even begin to think about creating the kind of company culture that promotes great customer service, you need to make sure your staff are happy.

How your employees manage stress

If it’s your office culture to head out for an after-work drink to manage the stress of the day, this can affect your employees the following morning. If staff are regularly late or not performing due to going out the night before, provide other methods for de-stressing.

A comfortable staff room, free tea and coffee, and the chance to take the necessary breaks will all help your employees to deal with the stress of the job. Speak to your staff to see what they need and you’ll find it improves their performance.

Collaborative environment

If there’s a lot of one-upmanship in your office then you could find that employees are keeping certain details close to their chests. This can backfire when more than one employee needs to deal with a customer. The line of communication needs to be good so you can do the best job for that person but that can be taken a step further with a collaborative culture within your office.

When staff work closely together then you can be sure that more than just the account manager is going to know the details of a customer account. This means that there’s more than one person who can help that customer when the time comes. Not only this but having more than one brain working on something can make problem solving much more efficient.

Goals and focus

If your employees don’t have any kinds of goals to work towards then they’re never going to work quite as hard as employees who have clear objectives. Employees should not only know the company’s focus and be actively working towards it but they should also have their own goals that they are encouraged to hit.

Feel good environment

While corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are usually looked on as veiled marketing activities, they can go a long way to creating a positive, feel good environment in your company. Make sure everyone from the director to the newest recruits has a part to play in these activities and you’ll have everyone feeling good.

Company culture definitely affects a customer’s experience so make sure you have happy, nurtured staff with something to work towards and you’ll have happy customers too.