Top 10 inspirational British business leaders

If you read the British press, you will know that as a country they have a tendency to put themselves down. It is this difficulty with dealing with success that has, for many years, hindered entrepreneurialism in the UK.

Perhaps now is an opportune time for today’s generation of young people to look back at the many great British entrepreneurs who have blazed the trail to worldwide success, and to follow in their steps. And even if you aren’t British, you’ll find a story of perseverance, determination, and vision in this list that can inspire you to keep going on.

richard branson

10. Simon Cowell

With a cool £300 million, Cowell is no stranger to success. He started in the mere mailroom at EMI publishing before eventually working his way up and forming his own fortune-making record company.

9. Alan Sugar

The inspirational BBC star of “The Apprentice” is the British counterpart to Donald Trump. Not only does he inspire us on “reality” television, but his real life dealings have netted him well over £1 billion in his lifetime.

8. James Dyson

If you know of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, then you know the success of James Dyson is worldwide. This British entrepreneur has proved that executing on a simple, innovative idea can bring wealth and notoriety.

7. J.K. Rowling

A list of inspirational British business leaders wouldn’t be complete without the famed author of the Harry Potter series. Rowling is a savvy business woman, netting herself over £1 billion by pursuing her passion.

6. Dan Houser

Worth over £50 million, Dan is a co-founder of the entertainment company called Rockstar Games. You know of Grand Theft Auto, right?

5. Phillip Green

Green’s story is a true example of the hustle required to acquire immense wealth via global trade in the modern age. He built his empire to over £5 billion.

4. Richard Branson

The magnanimous character in charge of Virgin Mobile and Virgin Records is a real inspiration. His persistence and desire to succeed led him to enjoy a fortune worth more than £4 billion.

3. Peter Jones

The Americans have Shark Tank, and we have Dragon’s Den. Peter Jones, the British technology mogul. Involved in industries ranging from travel, communications and entertainment, Jones has managed to amass over £350 million in assets.

2. Mike Ashley

Hailed as the British Howard Hughes, Ashley is intensively private about his massive wealth. Owner of Newcastle United, he is heavily involved in the sports market.

1. S P Hinduja

Starting as young worker in his father’s textile mill in India, S P began to invest in films overseas as well as commodities. Amassing millions from these endeavours, he continued to work hard and earn a spot at the top of this list of inspirational entrepreneurs.

If you are planning to start your own business venture today, let these people inspire you to achieve what you have set out to do. Don’t let anything hinder you, especially the lack of resources.

You can today jumpstart your endeavour. What is most important is to believe in your dreams and to work hard to achieve your goals. You will eventually find success just like these British business leaders.

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