10 top tips for creating the perfect office space

Moving offices soon? Start to think about your layout, furniture and how you can optimise the space.

No one likes working in cramped and claustrophobic conditions, and in fact these can be quite dangerous, so space optimisation is key.

Creating the perfect office space is not only to keep it looking nice, you will also feel more productive as the day progresses. Check out this leased line quote for more information.

Here are 10 top tips to bear in mind when designing your new office space:

  1. Maximise storage

Despite most offices now switching from paper to digital files, we’ll bet you still have a load of paperwork, books and other materials, don’t you? Don’t let this pile high and litter your desk. Instead, install handy wall storage. This will keep your items safe and organised while giving you some space to breathe (and work!) You could also look at creating your own storage solution using acrylic from Simply Plastics.

  1. Clear walkways

Avoid an employee legal dispute by making your business premises a safe place to work. To do this keep walkways clean, clear and free from tripping hazards. Provide storage lockers for the staff to put their bags and coats in, supply shelving to store paperwork, and ensure no wires stretch across walkways.

  1. What’s to hand?

The way your desk is laid out can mean the difference between having back pain or not. Some simple moves, so that items are close to hand, can make a huge difference.

Your computer monitor should always be in the centre of your desk and level with your eye line. This should be an arm’s length away from you with the screen slightly tilted towards you. Any other frequently used items should be within easy reach so no stretching is required.

  1. Hang boards where you can see them

This is a simple one – place whiteboards and noticeboards where they will be seen. In an ideal world you shouldn’t have to get out of your seat to view them.

  1. Create a welcome space

First impressions count. Don’t leave your clients hanging around by the door; instead provide them with a welcoming reception or seating area. Comfy chairs, some reading material and the offer of a beverage will make that wait fly by.

  1. Freshen up

Your office can be well-laid out and spacious, but if it is stuffy or the wrong temperature, productivity can take a tumble. Make sure there is ample airflow by opening windows or fitting an air con system, and make sure to have heating for the winter!

  1. Give yourself space

Do you have great spatial awareness? Well, sadly not everyone does. That is where recommended spatial plans come in handy. Each employee should have 150cm of space behind their desk. This provides plenty of room for a chair and to move comfortably without having to squeeze past colleagues.

  1. Keep wires tidy

With computers, printers and other electronics you are bound to have dozens of wires stretching around the room. Keep these tidy using cable accessories in order to avoid wear and tear or accidents. Or if you’re feeling flash you could even fork out on wireless options.

  1. Colour motivation

Did you know that the colour of your office can affect the way your employees work? Well, the Colour Affects System states that different colours influence people in different ways. For example, yellow is inspiring, green is calming and blue improves open-mindedness.

So do you want your staff to feel stimulated in order to boost work speed or would you prefer them to be relaxed and ensure that a job is well done when time is not necessarily a factor? Think about the colours you use in your office carefully; they have a greater effect than you think.

  1. Declutter

Before you make the big move to your new office space, get sorting! A major declutter will highlight any items you can do without that are currently taking up space and collecting dust. Clutter can undermine motivation and productivity and you don’t want that do you?!

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t throw things away though, commercial removal companies can help you carefully pack and move everything to minimise disruption.

If you’re moving office soon then be sure to compare commercial removal quotes first to save your business some money. Compare My Moves makes finding a removals firm easy and they’ll take the stress out of getting a good deal. Find out more today.

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