Four ways to empower your employees to be more productive

Are you a business owner who wants to dramatically increase the level of productivity that’s currently being achieved by your employees? Is it your goal to improve their performance without having to shell out a lot of money for courses and gadgets that promise heaps but fail on the delivery of results?

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If so, it’s a lot easier than you may think. The following are four proven techniques that are used to empower employees allowing them to be more efficient and productive.

  1.       Create self-esteem motivations

It’s no big secret that we all work harder when we feel appreciated and respected for doing the work that we’re assigned to do. Having said this, everyone is different and while some may like a public exhibition of acknowledgment and praise others may prefer a quiet word in private. For this reason, it’s important to create self-esteem incentives that will have the best impact while keeping the inclinations of your employees in mind.

  1.       Give incentives

Giving your employees incentives to work that little bit harder can work wonders for the production line of your company. Every job has some latitude so make sure you fully exploit that latitude so that your employees can feel better about themselves, and your company can benefit as a result of that.

Many companies choose to reward staff with employee awards while others offer pay incentives – whatever avenue you choose to employ will depend on your preferences and circumstances. Giving employees incentives naturally makes them happier and more productive, both of which create a recipe for success.

  1.       Eliminate irrelevant tasks

Every company and every job has a number of once important tasks that have become pretty valueless over time. Can your business relate? If so, it’s time to eliminate any tasks that do not directly have an impact on safety, quality, sales and efficiency. The general rule is that if a task is not conducive to any of these merits of your company, it may be time to discontinue it.

Giving your employees meaningful tasks to do will prevent them from having to waste their time on unnecessary things and allow them to focus more on other more significant tasks. The result is they’ll feel that they are accomplishing more with their time.

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  1.       Streamline expectations

There is the type of boss that assigns a task to an employee with set expectations and then there’s the type of boss that always adds in, “Hey, while you’re at it, can you also…” If you identify more with the latter, it may be time to reconsider your method of assigning tasks.

Every task that you give to your employees should have a primary goal and that goal should be where employees put 100% of their focus. Giving a person too many goals to work towards and expecting too much of them will only deter them from actually achieving that primary goal that needs to be accomplished. Set clear goals and streamline your expectations and both you and your employees will be better off.

Employees work because it’s their job and they are paid to do so, but they work hard when they feel good about themselves and feel appreciated and respected for the effort that they are making. Taking the above info into consideration when it comes to re-evaluating your employee performance is vital if you want to create a workforce that’s happy and, in turn, productive.

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