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Three of the best business cars

Leasing a car for business is a much cheaper alternative to buying your business cars outright, and you don’t have to worry about your cars losing value after you’ve bought them. Also, because you can return your cars at the end of their lease term, you could essentially get into a new or well-maintained car every couple of years.

Upgrading to a better car every couple of years means that you get too easily and successfully look after your business’s image, which is very important. Most lease agreements allow you to change your vehicle when you’re over half way through the term. It’s also important that you can rely on your fleet of vehicles and that they are a cost-effective investment for you. This is why Hippo Leasing looked at some of the best business cars on offer.

best business carsAudi A3 Saloon

The Audi A3 Saloon is a great option for a lease car if you’re looking for something with a powerful, efficient engine, yet still comfortable. The standard sport suspension gives drivers a secure drive, which is accentuated by the precise steering, smooth engine and firm grip. The interior is absolutely great, with tonnes of space and high quality furnishings that makes the luxurious cabin very easy to get comfortable in. All the materials inside are excellent quality and the MMI (multimedia interface) lets you control most of the major functions in the car with a few simple buttons and dial. The Saloon is also great on fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

BMW 3 Series

WhatCar? says that the 3 Series offers ‘strong performance, excellent economy and fine handling’, and we couldn’t agree more. The 3 series gives drivers everything they need from a business car, including ride quality, impressive interior and low running costs. The suspension is flexible yet supportive, and the handling is responsive, which makes driving very comfortable. It’s also cheap to run as it returns fantastic fuel economy. This high quality extends to the inside of the car, where the materials and finish are plush, with as much space as you could need for passengers and a huge boot. There’s also loads of space behind the wheel, with many adjustment options, meaning you can get easily get into your perfect driving position.

Jaguar XF

If you’re looking for a business car with real wow factor and style, then the XF, like the Jaguar XE, ticks all the boxes. Not only is it a stylish and classy looking car, but it also has superb handling and gives a really comfortable drive. This precise steering, great handling and smoothness makes the XF a joy to drive at any speed. The interior of the XF does not disappoint either. The whole inside is decked out in classy wood and leather furnishings and the dashboard looks fantastic. The driving position is also incredibly comfortable and electronically adjustable. This coupled with the ample leg and headroom, means the XF makes for a highly comfortable ride. The cabin is also well-equipped and comes with a tonne of modern kit such as climate control, keyless start and a touch-screen satnav which is voice controlled. Overall, a truly sensational car.

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