Indian Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015

Leeds-based Milkysnugz founder, Sukhvinder Javeed, was has won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in this year’s British Indian Awards in association with BDO and Tradenext.

The third annual awards, held at the Chateau Impney Hotel, Worcester on 24 April saw Sukhvinder Javeed recognised for her success in penetrating the export market, with contracts in the USA, Russia and South Africa, and also winning contracts with major retail names in the UK including Tesco, Mothercare, and Toys R Us.

milkysnugz awards

Started in 2012, Milkysnugz was built on Sukhvinder’s own experience as a mother, wanting to nourish her own child with breast milk, but struggling, like many mothers, with the stresses and strains of feeding. Her Milkysnugz comforters are designed to preserve the temperature of expressed breast milk to enable fathers to manage the night feeding duties, and enable mothers to juggle business hours, yet still ensure that babies benefit from the most nutritious milk in their early development. Recognising the opportunity to help others with issues she herself had to manage has led to the establishment of a global brand in just three years.

Commenting on her award, Javeed said, “I am delighted that Milkysnugz has been recognised. Being seen as a successful entrepreneur is in itself an honour, but for me, knowing that I have helped many others like myself, both in this country and abroad, is the best reward. This opportunity will now open the door to the Indian market for me, where issues which are openly addressed in the west are less well recognised, and I very much hope the trade links created by the award will lead to both a better quality of life for Indian mothers, and a better quality of nutrition for their children.”

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