50 worst office faux pas revealed

Inappropriate clothing, talking to yourself and business jargon are some of the top 50 worst office faux pas, according to a recent survey.

Smelly feet_264845189
Poor personal hygiene and coming straight to work from the gym made the list

The experts at online gaming site MobileSlots.com have researched the biggest no no’s in the workplace with some surprising entries (and some glaringly obvious – yet people still commit these heinous crimes!).

Smelly food, poor personal hygiene and taking sickies were all classed as big office faux pas, as were arriving late and leaving early and taking more than an hour at lunch time.

Feet tapping, drumming your fingers on the desk and humming also made the 50.

The tea and coffee run proved to be a bone of contention, with failing to make hot drinks, only making them for yourself and never washing up all making the list too.

A spokesperson from MobileSlots.com said, “It seems it’s the small things in the office which are the biggest nos. When you’re in a confined space with people, seven hours a day, five days a week it’s no wonder someone’s tiny quirk ends up becoming an office faux pas.”

“Office jargon is a real no for many people, although I’m sure they find themselves slipping into a little bit of office speak every now and again.”

The 50 office faux pas (in no particular order):

Figthing workers_83124643
Spending 9 hours a day, 5 days a week with little annoying habits can sometimes see tensions boil over

1. Making tea/coffee just for yourself
2. Never doing the drinks run
3. Smelly food at lunchtime
4. Personal Facebook posts
5. Tweeting during meetings
6. Booking your holiday
7. Doing your online shop
8. Taking too long at lunch
9. Arriving late and leaving early
10. Failing to turn up at work parties / nights out
11. Wearing shorts
12. Drumming fingers on desk
13. Too much make up
14. Radio on too loud
15. Watching YouTube videos without headphones
16. Feet tapping
17. Talking to yourself
18. Humming annoyingly catchy tunes
19. Talking too loud on the phone
20. Too many sticky notes
21. Inappropriate clothing
22. Water cooler gossip
23. Poor personal hygiene
24. Coming to work straight from the gym
25. Stress relieving toys
26. Business jargon
27. Email/phoning to check email received
28. Unnecessary paperwork
29. Air con blasting cold air in winter
30. Not washing tea and coffee mugs
31. Running out of milk
32. Copying too many people into emails
33. Too much information (TMI)
34. Being rude to customers/colleagues
35. Swearing
36. Untidy desks
37. Being negative
38. Brown-nosing the boss
39. Embarrassing yourself at office parties
40. Talking politics
41. Talking religion
42. Sharing salary details
43. Bragging about promotions
44. Falling asleep at your desk
45. Turning up drunk/hungover
46. Drinking at lunchtime
47. Dating a colleague/the boss
48. Air kissing
49. Taking sickies
50. Dead plants

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